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A Corporate Scheme for Hiring Trained Graduates into Software Testing


Encarta Labs aims to train the budding professionals to get them acquainted with the genuine and authentic science and art of Software Testing

Relevance of Encarta Labs in Today's World

While the college curriculum does almost nothing to train a person into the Software Testing profession, very few companies are willing to train the freshers; resulting in a vast majority of persons jobless while the vacancies continue to exist in companies

  • Companies who train on their own, spend a lot of money, time & effort in doing so
  • The goal of Encarta Labs is to train a person so that he/she will be able work independently on a project from day one, as a Software Test Engineer
  • Encarta Labs brings the idea of training fresh graduates, in order to bridge the gap between the corporate world and budding talents
  • The course is designed and conducted by persons who have extensive experience of conducting boot-camps in the corporate world

Curriculum for Industry

  • The curriculum designed deals with the way the IT Industry expects of the Testers today
  • Software Testing is taught the way it is required in the current day corporate scenario, laying strong emphasis on basic fundamentals
  • A strong foundation is laid out with specific emphasis on comprehensive approach to testing and quality of the software products
  • A rigorous program ensures that the students bring the best of their talents to the table
  • The students gain hands on experience on the projects, tailor made for them, while theoretically, a comprehensive understanding is obtained on the Software Testing Concepts

Program - Modus Operandi...

  • Students are carefully screened before they are enrolled into the course - to make sure that they are truly interested in making a career in testing and also that they are capable of taking up the demanding role of a tester
  • Evaluation is carried out during the program, to ensure the students are on the right learning track
  • Students are eligible for hiring process only if they complete the program by meeting all the parameters set for training

What can you expect from an Encarta Labs Graduate

  • Understands comprehensively the concept of Software Testing
  • Can read, understand and raise questions on the requirement documents
  • Can write test scenarios & test cases independently, on the requirements provided
  • Is able to execute the test cases, mark the results of the execution and track the progress
  • Conversant with reporting defects, verification and closure of defects

Corporate Hiring Scheme

  • For the companies looking to hire fresh graduates in to testing stream, a suitable arrangement is made
  • No commission is charged from the companies who hire the trained graduates
  • Fresh graduates with specific skill sets, as required by the company, are hired, trained and let to be absorbed by the company
  • Campus interviews can be arranged during the final week of the training program or later
  • Salary negotiation is left to the company & the candidate, however, Encarta Labs suggests that the competitive salary be offered in order to attract better talents
  • Candidates are made available for interviews to Companies, on a first-come-first-serve basis