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Independant Software Testing & Advisory Services


The Business Point - A case for Efficient Software Testing

The dynamics of Startup and Small & Midsized Enterprise (SME) companies are unique in the Software Industry. The Management team of such an organization is dedicated to building a quality software product. Their focus is on generating the right set of requirements, identify the right technology, adopt a suitable development methodology, look for avenues to sell the product, etc. The intention is to build a great quality product but their focus on adopting an efficient Testing Practice may be diluted

The Limitations

The management may often find that the Testing function is a grey area. The management of the organization would be specialists in either the domain or the technology area, leaving the Testing function run by a junior tester in the organization. The Management's bandwidth might be insufficient to efficiently guide and monitor the effort of the Testing team.

Let the experts do it for you

Encarta Labs is an organization specializing in the Software Testing. The organization is found by highly accomplished Software Testing Professionals.

The strength of the organization lies in designing the RIGHT SOLUTION to your organization and also implement the solution in the right fashion, such that your need to monitor or manage the testing effort is almost nil. The strategy that Encarta Labs could generate for your organization will ensure that an all-round and comprehensive testing approach is adopted leaving nothing to uncertainty.

The goal of Encarta Labs is to improve the success of the clients' product in the market - irrespective of situation the organization is currently in.

A comprehensive Quality Effort - the Encarta Labs way

Any product that is built needs to be tested thoroughly - though the approach required to test a product would vastly differ from one another.

A Generic Approach to test would involve the following steps:

  • Understand the domain of the product built
  • Understand the problem being solved by the application (solution that the application provides)
  • Get complete information about the probable end users of the application
  • Thoroughly understand the technology adopted to build the product
  • Understand about the technical Architecture used to build the application
  • Familiarize with the development methodology adopted
  • Adopt BEST PRACTICES - a niche advantage with Encarta Labs

The above mentioned are the fundamental steps that Encarta Labs follows to arrive at a Strategy to test the software product

The next logical step on a project would be as follows: (not intended to be exhaustive)

  • Arrive the team size required along with the skill set & experience level
  • Hire and train the team
  • Implement a suitable Practice & Process to ensure smooth functioning
  • Setup the test lab and supporting infrastructure to enable smooth functioning of the Testing Effort
  • Derive Project level, release level and sprint level plan to ensure smooth & efficient functioning, on a continuous basis
  • Appropriate collaboration with remaining teams to keep up cohesiveness
  • Right type of testing in different phases of the product development, as per the Strategy devised
  • Execution of the Test Plans, in line with the Product Plan
  • Continuous monitoring system that makes sure that the deviations from the plan are minimized
  • Periodic reporting mechanism to bring a visibility about what is happening on the Testing team
  • Work as an 'Early Warning System' for potential risks & threats, along with suggestions on how to mitigate

What might happen if we let Testing effort remain inefficient?

The product might fail at the crucial situations, may it be on internal testing environment, production environment, or while giving a demo to the potential customers of the application.

Encarta Labs works towards achieving the following:

  • Decreased defect leakages
  • Advance information on potential problems & risks and hence a suitable plan for mitigation
  • Non-functional testing given due importance, eliminating related errors on the application
  • Efficient documentation, enhancing the visibility on the current status
  • Appropriate and realistic decisions on Automation
  • The situation would result as 'Under Control', 'Visible' and 'Predictable'

Let the Experts do it for you

By joining hands with Encarta Labs, you have a great partner in your product building effort.