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Talend MDM

The Talend MDM training course covers the basics of data modeling, which is the first stage of development in an MDM implementation. It includes an overview of the different types of data modeling, and you do exercises to become efficient using Talend MDM data modeling tools. You also learn about data modeling best practices. This course also guides you through implementation of other MDM-specific objects, including triggers, processes, and workflows, and defines web services that allow integration with MDM. You also learn how to use matching and survivorship rules to automate governance of source records merged in a master ("golden") record.

By attending Talend MDM - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Use Talend MDM to model data through relational and hierarchical approaches
  • Create validation rules
  • Deploy a model to the MDM server
  • Use the Talend MDM web interface to manage users and data
  • Optimize visualization of the model in the Talend MDM web user interface

By attending Talend MDM - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Implement an MDM collaborative process or workflow
  • Read and write data on an MDM server
  • Create SOAP and REST operations
  • Create validation rules
  • Manage events
  • Handle duplicates using an integrated matching process
  • Use Talend Data Stewardship to validate manual tasks

For Talend MDM - Essentials training course:
  • Attend a training on Talend Data Integration and Talend Data Quality - Essentials or Talend ESB Basics or equivalent experience.
For Talend MDM - Advanced training course:
  • Attend a training on Talend MDM - Essentials or equivalent experience.
  • This Talend MDM class is meant for anyone who wants to use Talend MDM Platform to control enterprise-scale data quality using master records


Talend MDM - Essentials
(Duration : 2 Days)


MDM Basics in context

  • Concepts and purpose

Getting started with Talend MDM

  • Introduction to business use case
  • Exploring data modeling approaches
  • Creating a new data model
  • Creating data elements

Data types and foreign keys

  • Working with simple data types
  • Creating relationships between entities
  • Defining complex data types
  • Adding business rules


  • Preparing for deployment
  • Deploying and populating a model
  • Exploring the MDM web UI

Model changes

  • Assessing the impact on the MDM hub
  • Backing up and restoring data

Security management

  • Defining a new role and user
  • Setting up additional security
  • Exploring permissions


  • Optimizing views
  • Filtering records with views

Display properties

  • Enhancing display properties
  • Displaying foreign keys
  • Hiding fields

System objects

  • Auditing changes to master data
  • Monitoring roles and users
Talend MDM - Advanced
(Duration : 3 Days)


Master Data Management in context

  • Concepts and purpose

Training environment and use case

  • Exploring the use case
  • Building a data model
  • Defining MDM users
  • Preparing for batch integration

Batch data integration

  • Creating MDM metadata
  • Building a data integration Job
  • Enriching a Job
  • Building another load Job
  • Performing data extraction

Event management triggers

  • Creating a Job and a trigger
  • Implementing dynamic data enrichment

Event management process

  • Creating a process
  • Defining an external validation rule
  • Testing a validation rule
  • Handling updates


  • Building a workflow
  • Building and configuring an approval form
  • Configuring steps
  • Creating a trigger
  • Deploying and testing

REST API and services

  • Invoking a search operation
  • Invoking a create operation
  • Building a REST service

Master data services

  • Creating a SOAP service to perform a search operation
  • Implementing a search operation
  • Testing a SOAP search operation
  • Tuning a Job
  • Implementing fault handling
  • Create a SOAP service to perform a create operation

Getting started with integrated matching

  • Exploring the use case
  • Creating a match rule
  • Loading records
  • Validating records

Data life cycle

  • Loading additional records
  • Updating records
  • Going further with data stewardship

MDM updates

  • Making data model updates
  • Making bulk updates
  • Reopening tasks
  • Using a semantic dictionary

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