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StreamSets Data Collector

( Duration: 2 Days )

This StreamSets Data Collector training course provides a comprehensive introduction to StreamSets Data Collector. You will learn how to create complex pipelines that ingest data from a variety of sources, manipulate that data, and then export it to destinations including Apache Kafka, relational database management systems, and Apache Hadoop.

  • General knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming concepts, and databases.

The StreamSets Data Collector workshop is ideal for:

  • Those who will be designing, building, and running data flow pipelines, including data engineers, data developers, data analysts, data scientists, ETL developers, and data architects.



Overview of the StreamSets

  • DataOps Platform
  • DataOps Platform Overview
  • StreamSets DataOps Architecture and Use Cases
  • Custom Examples

An Introduction to StreamSets Data Collector

  • Getting Started with Data Collector
  • SDC Overview
  • Building Pipelines
  • Previewing Data
  • Running the Pipeline

Pipeline Development

  • Connectors
  • Processors & Evaluators
  • Executors
  • Expression Language

Pipeline Events, Rules, and Alerts

  • Generating and Handling Events
  • Metric Rules
  • Data Rules

Reading, Writing and Transforming Data

  • Flat Files
  • Relational Databases: MySQL, Oracle, and Change Data Capture
  • Messaging Broker Systems: Kafka
  • Event Based: APIs
  • Distributed Storage: HDFS
  • Lookups: Relational Databases

Administration and Monitoring

  • Monitoring your SDC instances

Troubleshooting and Tuning

  • Troubleshooting errors and broken pipelines
  • Tuning configurations to speed up pipelines

Handling Data Drift

  • Data Drift Rules with MySQL

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