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Sisense BI

( Duration: 4 Days )

Business intelligence is key to improving performance, and this is done by visualising data coming in from multiple repositories that help decision makers make key judgements. Sisense is a revolutionary tool that helps in this process by providing user friendly solutions, which can be deciphered by technical as well as non-technical professionals in a team. Sisense provides front end and back end tools for managing, visualising and modifying multiple big data sets in short times, providing elegant solutions that are easy to understand.

The Sisense BI training course is for beginners and teaches you to create your own dashboard by connecting to data. You will learn to use the Dashboard in various ways such as viewing it as a pdf or downloading it as an image and managing and sharing the Dashboard. Explore the SisenseElastiCube, add and manage users and share your findings and data on multiple devices.

By attending Sisense BI workshop, delegates will learn:

  • All about Sisense, the various concepts that make up this tool and an overview of its architecture
  • Installing and Configuring Sisense
  • How to better visualize your big data by creating Sisense Dashboards, managing them effectively and sharing them across the organization for better business insights
  • How to create data alerts and manage Sisense Pulse
  • About the SisenseElastiCube and adding and managing users to it, merging data to it from multiple sources, and manipulating the data

  • Understanding of how data works and how it can contribute to building a business.
  • IT as well as non-IT professionals who want to make sense of their big data and create visual presentations with them for making better business decisions.





Installing Sisense


Sisense Basic Concepts And Terminology

  • Step 1 - Connect to Data
  • Step 2 - Your First Dashboard

Managing Data - Elasticube Manager

  • Overview
  • Introduction to Elasticubes
  • Elasticubes - Technical Overview
  • Working with the Elasticube Manager
  • Connecting to Source Data
  • Working with Data
  • Transforming and Enriching Data
  • Building Elasticubes
  • Making Changes to an Existing Elasticube
  • Build Settings and Data Accumulation Behavior
  • Managing Elasticubes

Creating Dashboards

  • Creating A New Dashboard
  • Adding Widgets to A Dashboard
  • Adding Text Widgets
  • Additional Widget Design Options
  • Managing Widgets
  • Customizing the Dashboard Layout
  • Filtering Dashboards and Widgets
  • Using Formulas
  • Changing A Dashboard’s Elasticube
  • Embedding Dashboards and Widgets

Using Dashboards

  • Viewing Dashboards
  • Interacting With Filters As A Viewer
  • Drilling Down In A Widget
  • Making Selections In A Widget
  • Zooming In/Out In Charts
  • Resizing The X-Axis To Expose Labels
  • Downloading A Dashboard As A Pdf
  • Downloading A Dashboard As An Image
  • Exporting Widgets To Csv/Excel
  • Downloading A Widget As An Image

Managing & Sharing Dashboards

  • Managing Dashboards
  • Sharing Dashboards
  • Sisense Emails

Sisense Pulse & Alerting

  • Overview
  • Sisense Alerts
  • Sisense Pulse


  • User Management
  • Elasticube Management
  • High Availability In Sisense
  • Defining Security And Access Settings
  • Embebbed Analytics
  • Internationalization And Localization
  • System Settings

Sisense Odbc


Sisense Mobile



  • Sisense Rest Api
  • Custom Rest Connector
  • Adding Functionality With Javascript
  • Pre- And Post-Build Plugins
  • Sisense Shell (Psm.Exe)
  • Sql Api

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