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MicroStrategy Services Architect

( Duration: 2 Days )

In MicroStrategy Services Architect training course, you will explore the software development process and related tasks like deployment and source control from a holistic approach of the Services Architect in an Intelligent Enterprise. This course focuses on the key competencies to help you succeed as a Services Architect. You learn how to support your Intelligent Enterprise to develop applications, components, and plug-ins based on enterprise best practices.

By attending MicroStrategy Services Architect workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Create corporate application design requirements and guidelines
  • Manage skills inventory of your team
  • Guide application development with coding and commenting best practices
  • Best practices for creating application objects and applications
  • Standards for testing apps and components
  • Best practices for source control, versioning, and branching
  • Best practices for communicating internally and externally

  • Knowledge of MicroStrategy Foundations

  • This MicroStrategy Services Architect class is ideal for anyone who wants to become the MicroStrategy Services Architect.



The Intelligent Enterprise

  • The Services Architect within the Intelligent Enterprise

Building a Productive Development Environment

  • The team and tools to support the enterprise

Intelligent Application Lifecycle Management

  • Software development documentation
  • Collaborative communication
  • Standardizing the application lifecycle
  • Risk management
  • Requirements, design, and testing processes
  • Standardizing software deployment
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Standardizing software deprecation

Design and coding standards

  • Post-code best practices

Controlling Code with Source Control

  • Intelligent source control in the team
  • Versioning

Publishing Work Internally and Externally

  • Communication outside the team
  • Internal communication
  • Operational data for developers and testers

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