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MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility

In MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility - Overview training course, you will learn to Build basic enterprise mobile applications using MicroStrategy tools. This course covers the fundamentals of enterprise mobility and builds the knowledge base necessary to tackle the more advanced courses offered for analysts, developers, and administrators. The majority of this course will be hands-on, performing basic mobile application design, development, and deployment.

In MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility - Advanced Mobile Applications training course, you will learn to use a variety of Mobile widgets and interactive document components. Learn about advanced mobile application features such as docked panel selectors, navigation templates, and cutting-edge Mobile widgets. Create custom, code-free home pages. Learn applicable tasks for Mobile administrators to help you design a powerful and effective mobile app.

By attending MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility - Overview workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Design principles for mobile apps
  • Creating documents with interactive graphs
  • Creating mobile configurations
  • Adding mobile-specific features to a document
  • Creating and deploying a mobile app to a mobile device
  • Understanding of the mobile app development lifecycle
  • Storyboarding
  • Mobile architecture basics
  • Optimizing dossiers for mobile platforms

By attending MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility - Advanced Mobile Applications workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Adding complex interactive analysis to a Mobile app
  • Configuring an app with code-free customizations
  • Robust app navigation functionality
  • Making personal design decisions for app creation
  • Applying design principles for a polished app
  • Understanding of app performance analysis tools

  • Attend MicroStrategy - Enterprise Analytics Overview training or equivalent knowledge
  • Attend MicroStrategy - Documents Design Overview training or equivalent knowledge
  • Attend MicroStrategy - Dashboarding with Dossiers and Visualizations training or equivalent knowledge

  • Analysts, Document Designers, Dashboard Designers, Mobile App Designers


MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility - Overview
(Duration : 2 Days)


Plan and design a MicroStrategy Mobile app

  • User-centered design
  • Select the platforms to support your app
  • Graphic design considerations
  • Design best practices for tablets
  • Design best practices for smartphones
  • Create, develop, and test your app

Create a Mobile app

  • The business scenario
  • App components
  • MicroStrategy links
  • Building the Sales Performance app
  • Creating the documents: Adding objects
  • Adding interactive elements to the app
  • Layering and grouping data in the app

MicroStrategy Library Mobile App

  • Create dossiers and optimize them for mobile devices

Extend Mobile capabilities

  • Transaction Services
  • Mobile SDK

Administration and app deployment

  • The Mobile client
  • Mobile architecture
  • Mobile configuration
  • Mobile app deployment
  • Additional Mobile features
MicroStrategy Enterprise Mobility - Advanced Mobile Applications
(Duration : 1 Day)


Create a robust app

  • Enhance your Mobile app with images
  • Design for multiple mobile devices: Multiple views
  • Further analyzing your data: Drilling
  • Provide additional information to users: Information windows
  • Add interactivity with Mobile widgets
  • Advanced app navigation

Enhance app with a dossier and Transaction Services

  • Dossiers
  • Transaction Services

Code-free customizations

  • Customize your app without using code
  • Let users customize displayed data with prompts
  • Configure the home screen for a mobile device
  • Enable My Reports folder

Understand the impact of Mobile administration

  • User notifications, subscriptions, and alerts
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Improve the user experience by understanding Mobile statistics
  • Prepare content for offline mode
  • Deploy a MicroStrategy Mobile app

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