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MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers and Visualizations

In MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers - Essentials training course, you will learn to import and refine data to create visually-compelling, interactive data representations (visualizations). Format, analyze, filter, and layer the visualizations to create appealing, insightful dashboard-style dossiers through the MicroStrategy Web interface. Also learn to Share dossiers to collaborate with other users and access the dossiers on web and mobile devices.

In MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers - Advanced training course, you will learn to import complex data to enhance visually-compelling, interactive data representations (visualizations). Create new objects by grouping attribute elements and creating new attributes and metrics based on dataset objects. Build a story about data to help users make accurate, timely business decisions.

By attending MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Use appropriate graphing techniques to identify and analyze trends, anomalies, and other important meaning in data
  • Select the appropriate interactive graph to display data for a specific business analysis
  • Convert raw data into a clean visual display to view quality and consistent information
  • Organize data in layers to connect similar information
  • Create logical patterns in data using filtering techniques
  • Share insights with colleagues with commenting and tagging

By attending MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Import and refine data from in-memory and prompted datasets
  • Join multiple datasets to display accurate values
  • Create new dossier objects based on existing dataset objects
  • Improve story-telling capabilities by linking to external content and to other dossiers
  • Improve the user experience with advanced functionality
  • Identify relationships and patterns to surface to your users
  • Extend visualizations with HyperIntelligence

  • Anyone interested to learn MicroStrategy dashboarding & dossiers


MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers - Essentials
(Duration : 2 Days)


Getting started: Dashboarding and visualizations

  • Designing first-class dossiers
  • Adding data to your dossier
  • Displaying data as a visualization
  • Filtering data on a dossier
  • When to use a dossier vs. a document

Importing data

  • Importing data from different sources
  • Improving quality of data's structure
  • Improving quality of data values

Visualizing your data

  • Creating visualizations
  • Heat maps
  • Geographic maps
  • Network visualizations
  • Pie charts
  • Free-form layout: Flexible dossier editing

Filtering and layering data

  • Layers of data filtered differently: Chapters
  • Layers of data filtered the same: Pages
  • Using one visualization to filter the data in another visualization
  • Object filters
  • Linking pages with visualizations: Page-to-page filters

Sharing dossiers everywhere

  • MicroStrategy Library on Web and mobile devices
  • Certifying dossiers
  • Staying connected to your data: Dossiers on mobile devices
  • Exporting dossiers to PDF
MicroStrategy Dashboarding with Dossiers - Advanced
(Duration : 2 Days)


Federated data in modern analytics


Importing data

  • Creating a dataset report in a dossier
  • Importing prompted reports
  • Importing data from a database
  • Joining multiple datasets
  • Updating data by republishing

Customizing the display of business data

  • Grouping attribute elements
  • Creating attributes based on dataset attributes: Derived attributes

Designing on-the-fly business calculations

  • Aggregating metrics to create subtotals
  • Combining multiple metrics
  • Applying shortcut functions
  • Creating derived metrics from scratch
  • Creating filtered metrics: Conditional metrics
  • Changing the attribute level for calculations: Level metrics
  • Changing aggregation and subtotal behavior

Displaying and filtering data

  • Highlighting values that meet conditions
  • Finding the right visualization: Custom visualizations
  • Extending visualizations: HyperIntelligence
  • Creating stories about data using links
  • Displaying data that users need: Filters

HyperIntelligence in an agile environment

  • Moving to the Intelligent Enterprise
  • Extending data discovery with HyperIntelligence

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