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MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting

In MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting - Essentials training course, you will learn to create reports and the objects used on reports (filters, metrics, and prompts) with hands-on exercises. You will also learn to transform datasets into appealing, insightful dossiers and elevate them with HyperIntelligence.

In MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting - Advanced training course, you will learn to build advanced objects (metrics, filters, derived elements, custom groups) to develop complex analytical reports. Bring your reports to the next level with more detailed information using advanced analytics, to glean valuable insights by manipulating your raw data.

By attending MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Analyze organizational data to make effective business decisions
  • Create business reports
  • Identify appropriate business concepts to evaluate calculations
  • Use calculations and measures to determine actionable business decisions
  • Logically plan subsets of data for analysis, using filtering techniques
  • Design business reports for other users, with self-service features
  • Share reports using export, print, or subscriptions to report deliveries
  • Identify and analyze trends, anomalies, and other important meaning in your data

By attending MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting - Advanced workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Create level metrics to compare contributions
  • Create transformation metrics to offset time values
  • Filter data with dynamic dates, by combining elements from different attributes, and using pass-through functions
  • Create attributes and metrics on the fly in reports
  • Create virtual attributes to define how data is grouped and displayed on reports
  • Optimize performance with Intelligent Cubes
  • Determine the order of calculation
  • Determine how data source tables are joined to produce specific results

  • Analysts


MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting - Essentials
(Duration : 2 Days)


Foundation for creating reports

  • The Intelligence Center
  • Calculating business data: Metrics
  • Business context on a report: Attributes

Creating reports

  • Building reports based on pre-designed reports
  • Building reports using templates
  • Building reports from scratch

Filtering reports

  • Building filters to filter data on reports
  • Building prompts to allow user input

Calculating data on reports

  • Building metrics to calculate data
  • Building metrics within reports: Derived metrics

Delivering and sharing reports

  • Exporting reports
  • Subscribing to reports for automatic delivery
  • Sharing reports with other users
  • Bursting large reports into smaller files
  • Sharing a link URL reflecting latest changes and prompt answers with other users

Instant data analysis

  • Interactive data display: Dossiers
  • Adding data to a dossier
  • Interactive graphs: Visualizations
  • Filtering data on a dossier
  • Sharing a dossier everywhere: Library on web and mobile devices
  • Let answers find you with HyperIntelligence
MicroStrategy Analytics Reporting - Advanced
(Duration : 2 Days)


Introduction to advanced analytics

  • Reports and the Intelligent Enterprise

Creating metrics in reports

  • Ranking metric values
  • Time-based comparisons: Transformation metrics
  • Changing the attribute level for calculations: Level metrics
  • Calculating metrics at different levels on a report: Dynamic aggregation

Advanced attributes

  • Applying a different filter to each report row: Custom groups
  • Grouping attribute elements on the fly: Derived elements

Advanced filters: Filtering data on reports

  • Comparing two attributes: Attribute-to-attribute filtering
  • Filtering with dynamic dates
  • Combining elements from different attributes: Joint element list
  • Importing filter elements
  • Pass-through functions
  • Metric qualifications
  • Relationship filters

Improving Performance: Intelligent Cubes


Advanced reporting options

  • Report data options

Base formulas and advanced subtotals

  • Reusing metric formulas for consistency and time-saving: Base formulas
  • Customizing subtotals: Advanced subtotals

Advanced metrics

  • Counting objects: Count metrics
  • Advanced functions in metrics

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