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Board BI

( Duration: 4 Days )

Business intelligence is what creates value for an organisation by helping it make informed decisions based on facts and forecasts. Organisations are investing heavily on business intelligence and there is a great demand for tools that help empower the organisation and the employees by helping in better management, collaboration, opportunities and profits. One such tool that addresses not just business intelligence needs but gives holistic solutions to corporate performance management, business analytics, strategy management and functionality planning is BOARD. This software platform offers a single interface and capabilities needed to build, manage and maintain any analytic solution for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management.

This Board BI training course will introduce you to the evolution and need of BI and help you master BOARD. Through hands-on practice sessions you will master the product architecture, BOARD client, security, data integration, scalability, and portal integration. By the end of this course you would have learnt how to use BOARD and positively contribute to the business intelligence needs of your organisation.

By attending Board BI workshop, delegates will learn:

  • The history and future of BI, its need and benefits
  • BOARD product architecture, BOARD Server, Client
  • BOARD security: Authentication and Authorisation
  • Data integration from multidimensional sources. How BOARD provides the capability to connect, integrate and federate data across multiple sources
  • The HBMP technology that contributes to performance and scalability
  • Web mash-up and portal integration

  • This Board BI class is recommended for for Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Developers, and others who want to understand about business intelligence and master BOARD.



Platform Overview

  • BI, Analytics and Performance Management All-in-One
  • The Toolkit: the fastest way to deliver analytic solutions
  • Self-service analysis: insights at users’ fingertips
    • BOARD Integrated Search
    • Drag and Drop analysis
    • The PinBOARD: your personal analysis environment
  • Cutting edge technology

Product Architecture

  • BOARD: functional architecture
  • BOARD Server
  • BOARD Client
    • BOARD Desktop Client
    • BOARD Web Client
    • BOARD Mobile
    • BOARD MS Office Integration


  • Multi-tiers security model
  • Authentication methods
  • Role based authorization
  • Applications authorization
  • Data access
  • Advanced security management
  • Contents 4

Data Integration

  • Multidimensional data sources
  • Data federation
  • Essential ETL functionalities
  • BOARD connector for SAP
    • How it works

Performance and Scalability

  • The HBMP technology: the new in-memory frontier
  • Speed, Concurrency, Data Volumes: the HBMP benefits
  • HBMP: the architectural advantage
  • In-memory cluster: Horizontal scalability
    • How the BOARD Server Cluster works
    • Adaptive Load Balancing

Integration and Portal Integration

  • Web Mash-up and portal integration
  • Sharepoint integration
  • BOARD Web Services

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