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( Duration: 5 Days )

The Zabbix training course ensures easy understanding of Zabbix concepts and structure for the information technology professionals, who need to run Zabbix efficiently and provide support to other Zabbix users.

  • Advanced computer literacy and knowledge of operating systems
  • Knowledge of operating systems
The Zabbix workshop is ideal for:
  • Anyone involved in continous monitoring.


Day 1

  • Intro: Functionality overview
  • Intro: Key Principles of Development
  • Intro: Important decisions
  • Architecture: Zabbix components diagrams
  • Preparations: Network time protocol
  • Preparations: Timezones
  • Preparations: SWAP file setup
  • Preparations: Firewall
  • Preparations: Selinux
  • Installation: Server, DB, GUI: Getting Zabbix
  • Installation: Server, DB, GUI: Server requirements
  • Installation: Server, DB, GUI : Installing Zabbix from packages
  • Installation: Server, DB, GUI: Front-end requirements
  • Zabbix interface: Preprocessing
  • Zabbix interface: Interface overview
  • Zabbix interface: Permissions
  • User profile: Settings, themes, media and messaging
  • User profile: User profile
  • User profile: Color themes
  • User profile: User media
  • User profile: Messaging
  • Administration: Create new user
  • Definitions: List of terms used in Zabbix
  • Monitoring: Hosts
  • Monitoring: Overview
  • Monitoring: Latest data
  • Monitoring: Latest data - Simple graphs
  • Monitoring: Latest data - Graphs for multiple elements
  • Monitoring: Latest data - Applications
  • Configuration: Host groups
  • Configuration: Hosts
  • Configuration: Items new/modify
  • Configuration: Testing new/existing passive items
  • Data Collection: Item filters/mass edit and check now/clear history
  • Data Collection: Preprocessing
  • Data collection: Agent-less monitoring
  • Data collection: Simple checks
  • Data collection: ICMP Checks

Day 2

  • Agent Installation: Intro
  • Agent Installation : Linux Agent installation from packages
  • Agent Installation : Agent for Windows, MACOS
  • Agent Installation : Zabbix Agent 2
  • Data Collection : Zabbix agent passive checks
  • Command line utilities: zabbix_server, zabbix_get, zabbix_agent
  • Data Collection : Zabbix Agent active checks
  • Data Collection : Q&A
  • Data Collection: Monitoring Windows
  • Problem detection: Triggers, less sensitive triggers, dependencies
  • Problem detection: Trigger Event tags
  • Problem detection: Built in and User macros functionality
  • Problem detection : Tips and tricks
  • Problem detection : Macros
  • Problem detection: More trigger examples
  • Problem detection: Advanced problem detection
  • Configuration: Using templates
  • Configuration: Tags- Template and Hosts
  • Data collection: Agent user parameters
  • Command line utilities: zabbix_sender
  • Data collection: SSH/Telnet checks

Day 3

  • Data collection: HTTP Checks
  • Data collection: Dependent items
  • Data collection: Calculated checks
  • Data collection: Aggregate checks
  • Data collection: SNMP monitoring
  • Data collection: SNMP traps
  • Data collection: Log file monitoring
  • Data collection: Web checks

Day 4

  • Inventory: Auto-collection
  • Data visualization: Custom graphs
  • Data visualization: Maps
  • Data visualization: Screens
  • Data visualization: Dashboards
  • Data visualization: Slideshows
  • Automation: LLD overview
  • Distributed monitoring: Proxies
  • Automation: Network discovery, Auto-Registration, integrations
  • Administration: Configuration files
  • Administration: XML Import/Export
  • Administration: Managing users and user groups permissions, audit
  • Administration: Working time, housekeeper, authentication
  • Administration: Frontend scripts
  • Administration: Frontend Modules
  • Administration: Zabbix server health

Day 5

  • Inventory: Auto-collection
  • Data visualization: Custom graphs
  • Data visualization: Maps
  • Data visualization: Screens
  • Data visualization: Dashboards
  • Data visualization: Slideshows

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