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( Duration: 1 Day )

TeamCity is one of the most popular tools to implement continuous integration. From development to the production environment, the software goes from many critical phases to successfully serve the target users. With the help of TeamCity, we can automate every step to deploy software at high speed and accuracy. For instance, a common version controller, build the code, test the produced code, and so on. TeamCity automates all these phases with very useful and accurate manner.

In TeamCity training course, you will learn the basics of continuous integration and know-how to automate your projects to integrate well from installation to the database. In this course, we use .NET to elaborate on how can we embed our project and TeamCity to achieve CI.

By attending TeamCity workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Working of continuous integration
  • Gain knowledge of how to set up TeamCity in your project
  • Get an understanding of all the necessary tools to automate integration within the project

The TeamCity class is ideal for:

  • All of those who want to automate their development on a large scale to achieve more speed and accuracy.



Introduction to Continuous Integration

  • What is CI?
  • Ways to Achieve CI
  • Benefits of Continuous Integration

TeamCity: Overview

  • Licensing
  • Features
  • IDE Integration
  • Competitors

Tool’s Installation

  • Server and Default Agent Installation
  • Install Supplementary Agents
  • Introduction to Version Controller System

Introduction to Version Controller System

  • Centralised vs Distributed VCSs
  • Role of VCSs in Continuous Integration

Setting Up CI

  • Creating a Project
  • Adding Build Configuration
  • Build Chains

TeamCity for .NET

  • NAnt On TeamCity
  • Installing NAnt
  • Building on TeamCity

Building with MSBuild

  • Installing MSBuild
  • Starting a Project
  • NUnit Build Runner
  • Running NUnit Test Case
  • Using TeamCity Task for Testing

NuGet and TeamCity

  • NuGet Command-Line Installation
  • Install NuGet on TeamCity Agents
  • Build Runners (NuGet-Based)
  • Dependency Trigger

Database Migration with .Net

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