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( Duration: 2 Days )

NewRelic is a monitoring tool used to identify the application downtime before any user can encounter with in automated process. It helps to identify the problem before anyone and fix the application performance in real time. As, New Relic helps and support build business software and monitor it throughout, it has been opted by startups, mid-size companies and large enterprises as well.

This NewRelic training course provides skills to monitor the application performance and diagnose the production issues using New Relic APM.

By attending NewRelic workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Setup New Relic APM and monitor the web applications
  • Understand the instrumentation data in the application dashboard
  • Find the stack trace of unhandled exceptions and find the root cause of an error
  • Identify the slow external API calls which slow down your application
  • Measure the actual response time of web pages using New Relic Browser
  • Monitor the database operations and find out the slow queries
  • Define alerts and notification channels

  • Experience as a DevOps engineer

The NewRelic class is ideal for:

  • DevOps Engioneers, Solution Architects & Technical Leaders



Introduction and Overview of NewRelic

  • What is Application Performance Management?
  • Understanding a need of APM
  • Understanding transaction traces
  • What is Application Performance?
  • APM Benefits
  • APM Selection Criteria
  • Why NewRelic is best for APM?
  • What is NewRelic APM?
  • How does NewRelic APM work?
  • NewRelic Architecture
  • NewRelic Terminology

Installing and Configuring NewRelic APM Agents for Application

  • Register a Newrelic Trial account
  • Installing a JAVA Agent to Monitor your Java Application
  • Installing a PHP Agent to Monitor your PHP Application
  • Installing New Relic Agent for .NET Framework Application
  • Installing a Docker based Agent to Monitor your Docker based Application
  • Understanding of NewRelic Configration settings of newrelic.yml
  • Understanding of NewRelic Agent Configration settings

Working with NewRelic Dashboard

  • Understanding a transactions
  • Understanding Apdex and Calculating and Setting Apdex Threshold
  • Understanding Circuit break
  • Understanding Throughput
  • Newrelic default graphs
  • Understanding and Configuring Service Maps
  • Understanding and Configuring JVM
  • Understanding Error Analytics
  • Understanding Violations
  • Understanding and Configuring Deployments
  • Understanding and Configuring Thread Profiler
  • Depp Dive into Transaction Traces
  • Profiling with New Relic
  • Creating and managing Alerts
  • Working with Incidents
  • Sending NewRelic Alerts to Slack
  • Assessing the quality of application deployments

Monitoring using Newrelic

  • View your applications index
  • APM Overview page
  • New Relic APM data in Infrastructure
  • Transactions page
  • Databases and slow queries
  • Viewing slow query details
  • External services page
  • Agent-specific UI
  • Viewing the transaction map

Deep Dive into Newrelic Advance

  • Newrelic transaction alerts
  • Configure abnd Troubleshoot and Cross Application Traces
  • NewRelic Service Level Agreements
  • Troubleshooting NewRelic
  • Understanding and Configuring NewRelic X-Ray Sessions
  • Deep Dive into NewRelic Agent Configuration
  • Adding Custom Data with the APM Agent
  • Extending Newrelic using Plugins
  • Finding and Fixing Application Performance Issues with New Relic APM
  • Setting up database montioring using Newrelic APM
  • Setting up and Configuring Newrelic Alerts

Working with NewRelic Performance Reports

  • Availability report
  • Background jobs analysis report
  • Capacity analysis report
  • Database analysis report
  • Host usage report
  • Scalability analysis report
  • Web transactions analysis report
  • Weekly performance report

Newrelic Maintenance and Administration

  • Data retention
  • Removing apps
  • Record deployments
  • Analyze database and instance-level performance issues
  • Tracking front-end time
  • Request queue configuration
  • Server configuration examples

Additional Components/Products of NewRelic

  • Overview of NewRelic Browsers
  • Overview of NewRelic Mobile
  • Overview of NewRelic Synthetics
  • Overview of NewRelic Infra
  • Overview of NewRelic Logs

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