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( Duration: 5 Days )

This Nagios training course teaches system administrators how to install and administer Nagios in a heterogeneous enterprise environment. You will learn to: design a sensible Nagios infrastructure; install and configure Nagios; locate and deploy Nagios Plugins for both private and public services (on both Windows and Linux); troubleshoot Nagios issues; and integrate Nagios with other monitoring subsystems (such as an SNMP monitoring system).

This Nagios workshop requires:

  • Working experience with the Linux operating system, including installing software, understanding the File System Heirarchy (FHS) standard, copying files, editing files, and creating backups.



Introduction to Nagios

  • Overview of Nagios
  • Common Use Cases
  • Features & Functionality
  • Extensibility
  • Licensing Restrictions

Installing Nagios

  • Overview of Installation Procedure
  • Understanding & Installing pre-requisites
  • Adding Nagios Accounts & Configuring Security
  • Installing Nagios
  • Installing Nagios Plugins

Understanding the Nagios Configuration Files

  • The Main Nagios Configuration File
  • Understanding Resource File(s)
  • Object Definition File(s)
  • CGI Configuration File(s)

Configuring the Nagios Web Interface (and associated permissions)


Starting and Stopping Nagios (including init scripts)


Configuring & Using Nagios Plugins

  • Understanding the Nagios Plugin model
  • Locating Plugins online
  • Downloading and Installing Plugins
  • Determining How to Use Plugins (--help)
  • Understanding Nagios Macros
  • Configuring & Using Basic Plugins with Macros
  • Configuring Nagios Plugins
  • Host Checks
  • Verification of Services
  • Passive Checks
  • Handling Transient Failures/Errors (SOFT/HARD states)
  • Controlling Check Frequency and Timeouts
  • Monitoring Windows System States (private services)
  • Installing NSClient++
  • Configuring the check_nt Plugin
  • Configuring the Windows Agent
  • Configuring Authentication Credentials

Configuring Email Notifications with Nagios


Configuring Nagios Event handlers

  • Understanding Local and Global Event Handlers
  • Defining Commands for Event Handlers
  • Basic Event Handler Scripts
  • Debugging Event Handlers
  • Firing SNMP Traps with Event Handlers

Monitoring Common Services with Nagios

  • Monitoring PostgreSQL with Nagios
  • Monitoring MySQL with Nagios
  • Monitoring Apache with Nagios
  • Monitoring SMTP with Nagios
  • Monitoring IMAP with Nagios
  • Monitoring POP with Nagios
  • Monitoring NFS with Nagios
  • Monitoring Printers with Nagios
  • Monitoring Switches with Nagios
  • Monitoring Routers with Nagios

Modelling the Network in Nagios

  • Adding Connectivity Information
  • Understanding Nagios Parent/Child host relationships.

Creating Custom Nagios Plugins

  • Understanding Plugin Return Codes
  • Understanding Plugin Output Requirements

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