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EMC PowerProtect DD System Administration

( Duration: 4 Days )

This EMC PowerProtect DD System Administration training course provides the knowledge and skills needed for configuring and maintaining PowerProtect DD systems.

By attending EMC PowerProtect DD System Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Monitor a PowerProtect DD system
  • Configure and manage PowerProtect DD network interfaces
  • Access and copy data to PowerProtect DD system
  • Customize and manage a PowerProtect DD deduplication file system
  • Describe and perform data replication and recovery
  • Describe and configure a PowerProtect DD VTL
  • Describe and configure DD Boost
  • Perform a DD Boost backup
  • Describe capacity and throughput planning
  • Describe and configure Secure Multi-Tenancy
  • Describe and configure Dell EMC Cloud Tier

  • Knowledge of computer storage, networking, and backup concepts.

The EMC PowerProtect DD System Administration class is ideal for:

  • All audiences. This course is intended for those who plan on using and administering PowerProtect DD systems.



PowerProtect DD Basic Administration

  • Accessing a PowerProtect DD System
  • Hardware Verification
  • System Access
  • System MonitoringPowerProtect DD System Administration
  • Licensed Features
  • System Upgrades

PowerProtect DD Network Interfaces Administration

  • Configuring Ethernet Interfaces
  • Link Failover and Aggregation
  • VLAN and IP Alias Interfaces
  • Configuring Fibre Channel

PowerProtect DD CIFS and NFS Implementation and Administration

  • Common Internet File System
  • Network File System

PowerProtect DD File System and Data Management

  • Configuring and Monitoring MTrees
  • Configuring and Monitoring Snapshots
  • Fast Copy

PowerProtect DD Data Replication Implementation and Administration

  • Data Replication Overview
  • Configuring Replication
  • Monitoring Replication
  • Data Recovery

DD Boost Implementation and Administration

  • DD Boost Overview and Features
  • Configuring DD Boost
  • Using DD Boost with Backup Software

PowerProtect DD Virtual Tape Library Implementation and Administration

  • PowerProtect DD VTL Overview
  • VTL Planning
  • Configuring VTL

Cloud Tier Implementation and Administration

  • Dell EMC Cloud Tier Overview
  • Configuring Cloud Tier
  • Data Movement

PowerProtect DD Data Security Implementation

  • Retention Lock
  • Data Sanitization
  • DD Encryption

PowerProtect DD Secure Multi-Tenancy Implementation and Administration

  • Secure Multi-Tenancy Overview
  • Configuring Secure Multi-Tenancy
  • Monitoring Secure Multi-Tenancy

PowerProtect DD Capacity and Throughput Planning and Monitoring

  • Capacity and Throughput Planning Overview
  • Model Capacity and Throughput Performance
  • Throughput Monitoring and Tuning
  • Monitoring File System Space Usage
  • File System Cleaning

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