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EMC NetWorker Integration

( Duration: 5 Days )

The EMC NetWorker Integration training course focuses on optimizing NetWorker performance and integrating NetWorker with Dell EMC backup products, Microsoft applications, Oracle, SAP, MEDITECH and virtual environments. Operational best practices are included with a focus on configuring and performing backup and recovery of file systems, applications and databases.

By attending EMC NetWorker Integration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe recommended practices for NetWorker performance management, sizing and backup configuration
  • Understand best practices for integrating NetWorker with Data Domain
  • Configure and perform backup and recovery using Data Domain devices
  • Describe NetWorker integration with popular databases and applications including: Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Oracle
  • Configure and perform backup and recovery of: Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Oracle databases
  • Describe NetWorker integration with VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments for VM backup and recovery
  • Configure and perform backup and recovery of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Describe configuration, backup and recovery of SAP and SAP HANA applications with NetWorker
  • Describe MEDITECH integration with NetWorker
  • Describe ProtectPoint integration with NetWorker for backup and recovery

Knowledge of:

  • EMC NetWorker including configuring and performing backups and recoveries of file system data
  • Network administration in a TCP/IP environment
  • Linux system administration
  • Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and Hyper-V
  • VMware ESXi, vSphere and vCenter
  • Oracle and SAP including SAP BR Tools

This EMC NetWorker Integration class is intended for application and backup administrators, software support specialists, and others who are looking for a deeper understanding of NetWorker performance management and integration with applications, databases, virtual environments and other Dell EMC backup products.



NetWorker Performance Management

  • NetWorker Sizing Considerations
  • NetWorker Performance Best Practices
  • NetWorker Virtual Edition

NetWorker Integration with Data Domain

  • NetWorker to Data Domain Capabilities and Use Cases
  • Configuring NetWorker Integration with DD Boost

NetWorker Integration with Microsoft SQL

  • NetWorker VSS Integration with Microsoft SQL
  • NetWorker VDI Integration with Microsoft SQL

NetWorker Integration with Microsoft Exchange

  • Exchange Backup with NMM
  • NMM Recovery of Exchange Mailbox Database
  • Exchange Granular Level Recovery
  • NMM Backup of Exchange DAG
  • NMM Recovery of Exchange DAG Mailbox Database

NetWorker Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

  • NMM and SharePoint Backup
  • NMM and SharePoint Recovery

NetWorker Integration with Microsoft Hyper-V

  • NMM Backup of Microsoft Hyper-V
  • NMM Recovery of Microsoft Hyper-V

NetWorker Integration with Oracle

  • Oracle Overview
  • NetWorker Integration with Oracle
  • NMDA and Oracle Database Recovery

NetWorker Integration with VMware

  • VMware Data Protection Overview
  • NetWorker vProxy Appliance Overview
  • vProxy Appliance Integration
  • Migrating from VBA to vProxy

NetWorker Integration with SAP

  • NetWorker Module for SAP Overview
  • Backing up SAP Oracle with NMSAP
  • Recovering SAP Oracle with NMSAP
  • NetWorker Module for SAP and SAP HANA

NetWorker Integration with MEDITECH

  • MEDITECH Overview
  • NetWorker Module for MEDITECH Overview
  • NetWorker Module for MEDITECH Configuration
  • MEDITECH Backup and /Recovery

NetWorker Integration with ProtectPoint

  • ProtectPoint Overview
  • ProtectPoint for NetWorker Backup and Recovery Operations

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