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EMC Networker - Administration

( Duration: 5 Days )

The EMC Networker - Administration training course explores EMC NetWorker installation, configuration, maintenance, management, backup, and recovery.

By attending EMC Networker – Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Install NetWorker and NetWorker Management Console
  • Use NetWorker administrative interfaces to manage the NetWorker server
  • Configure and Perform backups and recoveries
  • Customize backups
  • Manage NetWorker databases
  • Manage media and devices in NetWorker
  • Configuring cloning and staging
  • Configure and run NetWorker reports
  • How to back up and recover in VSS and cluster environments
  • Perform a disaster recovery of the NetWorker server

Understanding of:

  • Backup and recovery concepts and principles
  • Network administration in a TCP/IP environment
  • SCSI device configuration, cabling, and addressing
  • Windows or Linux system administration

System administrators and software support specialists who install, configure, and support EMC NetWorker in Windows and Linux environments



NetWorker Overview

  • NetWorker Hosts, Processes and Backup Flow
  • NetWorker Features and Functions
  • NetWorker Backup Terminology

NetWorker Planning and Installation

  • Installing NetWorker and NMC
  • Stopping and Starting NetWorker Processes
  • Connecting to the Console Server

NetWorker Resources and Administrative Interfaces

  • NetWorker Resources
  • NetWorker Administrative Interfaces

Performing Backups

  • Before Performing a Backup
  • NetWorker Administrative Interfaces
  • Configuring Resources for Backup
  • Client Backup Command Attributes
  • Performing Manual Client-initiated Backups
  • NetWorker Directives
  • Backing Up Virtual Clients and Applications

NetWorker Media Management

  • NetWorker Pools Overview
  • Configuring a Pool Resource

Configuring and Managing Devices

  • Devices Overview
  • Using Disk Type Devices
  • Library Overview
  • Configuring and Managing a Library in the GUI
  • Configuring and Managing a Library Using Commands
  • Reconfiguring a Library

NetWorker Database Management

  • Querying the Client File Index and Media Database
  • Save Set / Volume Status and Lifecycle
  • Manual Management of the NetWorker Databases

Performing NetWorker Recoveries

  • NetWorker Recovery Overview
  • Performing Browsable Recoveries
  • Performing Save Set Recoveries
  • Performing Directed Recoveries
  • Performing Filesystem Snapshot Recoveries

Performing Cloning and Staging

  • Performing Cloning
  • Performing NetWorker Staging

NetWorker Security

  • NetWorker Security Features
  • Managing NetWorker Hosts and Users
  • NetWorker User Groups
  • Audit Logging and the Jobs Database
  • NetWorker Notifications

Administering NetWorker

  • Networker Management Console Administration
  • NetWorker Management Console Reporting
  • Protecting the Console Database
  • NetWorker Parallelism
  • Software Distribution
  • Configuring NetWorker in a Firewall Environment
  • Multi-Tenancy

VSS Backups and Cluster Environments

  • VSS Backup and Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery of Clusters

Recovering a NetWorker Server

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