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EMC Avamar Administration

( Duration: 4 Days )

The EMC Avamar Administration training course explains and demonstrates configuration and use of Avamar. You will learn to configure Avamar for operation; to create and manage user accounts; to configure and initiate backup and restore of data; and to monitor Avamar operation.

By attending EMC Avamar Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe the Avamar solution, its components, and processes
  • Perform Avamar administrative tasks using various interfaces
  • Run scheduled and on-demand backups for a variety of systems
  • Restore files using AUI and Avamar Client interfaces.
  • Describe and configure Avamar replication
  • Describe and configure Cloud Tier
  • Describe Avamar server daily maintenance activities
  • Use Avamar tools to perform system monitoring, maintenance,
  • Capacity management, and troubleshooting

  • An understanding of backup and recovery concepts and principles, network administration in a TCP/IP environment, and UNIX/Linux system administration

This EMC Avamar Administration class is intended for system administrators, system engineers and support specialists who administer and support Dell EMC Avamar.



Avamar Overview

  • Backup Challenges
  • Avamar Solution
  • Key Avamar Features
  • Systematic Fault Tolerance
  • Avamar Terminology
  • Data Deduplication and Granularity
  • Avamar Deduplication Backup Process
  • Data Object Storage
  • Backup Data Storage Organization
  • Avamar Support for Virtual Machines
  • Avamar in Integrated Data Protection Appliance
  • Avamar and Data Domain Integration
  • Avamar NDMP Integration
  • Avamar in Distributed Enterprises

Avamar Architecture

  • System Components
  • Avamar Server Editions
  • Avamar Data Store Specification
  • Server Node Types and Configuration

Avamar Capabilities

  • Administration and Management Interfaces
  • Backup Clients
  • Backup Policy
  • Customizing Policies
  • Avamar Backup
  • Avamar Restore
  • Avamar Encryption
  • Avamar Replication
  • Replication Types
  • Avamar Cloud Tier
  • Avamar Licensing

Avamar Administration - Overview

  • Avamar Administration Tools
  • Connection Limits
  • Avamar Server Process - Notification and Reporting
  • Avamar Client Process
  • Avamar Backup Process Flow
  • Client-Server Data Port Usage and Firewall Requirements
  • Avamar Integration with Data Domain - Required Ports
  • Avamar Data Deduplication Workflow
  • More About Sticky Byte Factoring
  • More About Compression
  • Client Cache Files and the Backup Process
  • SHA-1 Hashing
  • Avamar and Data Domain Integration
  • Avamar Cloud Tier
  • Data Protection Advisor (DPA) with Avamar
  • Search with Avamar
  • Exporting Avamar Data tTape
  • Backing Up Databases versus File System Data
  • Avamar Database Clients
  • Avamar - Database Backup Options

AUI Overview

  • Introduction to AUI
  • AUI Navigation Pane
  • AUI Dashboard

Installing Avamar Backup Client Software

  • Avamar Backup Client Software
  • Verify Avamar Client System Requirements
  • Installing Avamar Windows Client Software
  • Windows Client Software Plug-ins
  • Installing Multiple Desktops and Laptops
  • Launching Avamar Windows Client Interface
  • Avamar Client Processes and Services (Windows)
  • Avamar Client Directory Structure

Account Management

  • Avamar Domain
  • Avamar Users
  • Avamar Authentication
  • AUI Domain Tree Structure
  • Account Management Tasks
  • Managing Directory Services
  • Registering Avamar Clients
  • Account Management for Clients
  • Using the MCCLI Command
  • Best Practices: Domains, Users, and Clients
  • Adding a Data Domain System Using AUI

Using Client Manager

  • Avamar Client Manager
  • Managing Clients
  • Activating Clients

Avamar Backups

  • Scheduled Backups
  • On-Demand Backups
  • Avamar Desktop/Laptop
  • Managing and Monitoring Backup Activity

Performing Restores

  • Restoring Client Data
  • Client Server Recovery with Avamar

Avamar Replication


Cloud Tier


System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Avamar Server Environment
  • Daily System Monitoring Tasks
  • Daily Avamar Server Maintenance Activities
  • Managing Avamar Server Capacity

Logs, Troubleshooting, and Reporting

  • Avamar Processes and Logs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Avamar Reports and Fitness Analyzer

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