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( Duration: 3 Days )

The Redis training course will provide hands-on experience of obtaining, installing, developing, deploying and maintaining Redis for commercial projects. Redis is more than a database - its architecture makes it ideal for use also for caching and as a message broker, with a multitude of practical applications.

By attending Redis workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Redis Architecture
  • Common usage patterns
  • Redis as a Database
  • Redis as a Cache
  • Redis for Message Broking
  • Valid Data Structures
  • Keeping your Redis deployment healthy

  • Background in scripting or coding / web development and an understanding of database basics.
  • Software Developers, Database Developers, Data Scientists, Architects who want to explore the high performance and availability of Redis.



Redis Architecture

  • Overview of Redis and NoSQL
  • Understanding the Key-Value model
  • Considerations for your own Redis deployment

Redis Installation and Administration

  • Obtaining the right version of Redis
  • Installing and Configuring Redis
  • Administration and Security
  • Replication and backup strategies
  • Configuration for high performance

Data modelling and development with Redis

  • Redis Keys
  • Data Types
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Set
  • Sorted Set
  • Strings
  • Hashes
  • HyperLogLog
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Redis Transactions

More Fun with Redis

  • Building a Cache with Redis
  • Using Redis as a Message Broker

Rolling out your project

  • Redis Connections
  • Redis and JavaScript
  • Redis Server and Pipelining
  • Partitioning
  • Backup and Replication
  • Redis Security
  • Performance Tuning and Bernchmarks
  • Deploying Redis in the Cloud - AWS, Azure

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