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Progress Corticon Bootcamp

( Duration: 3 Days )

This Progress Corticon Bootcamp training course focuses on advanced features in Corticon Studio. It begins with a review of the following rule modeling components: Vocabulary, Rulesheet, Ruletest and Ruleflow. You will learn about Vocabulary features such as Custom Data Types and Domains. That’s followed up with information about Rulesheet advanced features such as Scope, Aliases, Collections, Filters, Dependency and Looping. You will then learn about the following Ruleflow features: Subflows, Iteration and Service Call-outs. Finally, you will learn about Ruletest features such as Annotations, generating data trees and testing multiple Ruleflows from a single Ruletest.

  • Familiarity with rule-modeling concepts will be helpful, but there are no prerequisites for this course

The Progress Corticon Bootcamp workshop is ideal for:

  • Business analysts who want to learn how to develop business rules using advanced features in Progress Corticon Studio.


Day 1

  • Describe the purpose and value of a business rules management system
  • Describe the purpose of Corticon Studio and Corticon Server
  • Build a Vocabulary in Corticon Studio
  • Define rules in Rulesheets
  • Test rules using Ruletests
  • Implement complex rule logic using:
    • Action-only rules
    • Comparison operators
    • Value sets
    • Boolean, AND, OR conditions
    • Value ranges
    • Negation
    • Null values
  • Create Ruleflows

Day 2

  • Build a rule vocabulary
  • Describe how scope affects rule execution behavior
  • Use scope and aliases in Rulesheets
  • Describe how collections affect rule execution behavior
  • Use collections and collection operators in Rulesheets
  • Describe how filters affect a Rulesheet’s execution behavior
  • Describe how scope affects filters in a Rulesheet
  • Use filters in Rulesheets

Day 3

  • Describe the concepts of conflict and completeness in a Rulesheet
  • Incorporate conflict and check completeness checks into rule building methodology
  • Describe and identify Rulesheet dependency
  • Describe Rulesheet execution behavior with respect to dependencies
  • Describe looping and iteration behavior in rule execution
  • Describe and implement subflows, iteration and service callouts in Ruleflows
  • Use advanced Ruletest features to manage and execute test scenarios for large projects

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