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( Duration: 2 Days )

Firestore is a fully managed database service by Google on the Google Cloud Platform. While the cloud Firestore interface has almost the same database features as traditional databases and NoSQL databases, but still it differs from them by its relationships between data object. It also provides a facility to analytic data and transaction data. Google Cloud Firestore is built upon Google’s Bigtable and Megastore technology. Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL documents database built for automatic scaling, high performance, and ease of application development. It automatically handles sharding and replication, providing high availability and durability of a database that scales automatically to handle applications’ load.

This Firestore training course will provide a complete knowledge of Cloud Datastore and its essential terms. You will become familiarised with all the concepts of Google Cloud Firestore. You will get an understanding of entities, properties and keys as well as learn more about database queries. In this course, you will also gain knowledge of indexes and transactions terms of cloud firestore in datastore mode. Also learn to handle errors. On course completion, you will become familiarised to use features of the datastore mode interface accurately.

By attending Firestore workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Get an understanding of Google Cloud Firestore and its essential terms
  • Gain knowledge of SDKs and client libraries as well as learn about transaction strategies
  • Secure, validate data as well as understand the security rules

The Firestore class is ideal for:

  • Everyone who wants to gain knowledge of Google Cloud Firestore mode. This course is also beneficial for Google Cloud Platform technology learners.



Introduction to Firestore

  • Google Cloud Firestore Overview
  • Working Overview
  • Key Capabilities
  • Implementation of Firestore Overview

Concepts of Firestore

  • Data Model
  • Data Types and Index Types
  • SDKs and Client Libraries
  • Structured Data and Add Data
  • Transactions
  • Operations Cloud Firestore

Secure and Validate data

  • Secure and Validate Data
  • Understand Security Rules
  • Conditions for Security Rules
  • Troubleshooting Rules
  • Testing of Security Rules
  • Secure Query Data

Cloud Firestore Solution Overview

  • Introduction to Cloud Firestore Solution
  • Aggregation Queries
  • Distributed Counters
  • Understand Data Access
  • Understand Sharded Timestamps

Cloud Firestore Integrations

  • Understand Cloud Firestore REST API
  • Cloud Functions

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