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The Adabas - Essentials training course covers the major features of ADABAS datasets and their interaction while emphasizing those features which directly affect database performance.

In Adabas - Performance and Tuning training course, you will learn to improve overall performance by taking advantage of Adabas features, analyzing key performance factors and using Adabas monitoring tools. From this information you will understand what guidelines to develop for better performance of the database environment.

By attending Adabas - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify the major structures of ADABAS
  • Explain the organization of data within the database, including compression, null suppression and ISN
  • Identify the major access paths to data including indexes, inverted lists and ADABAS’s address converter
  • Identify the major components of the interface between application programs and ADABAS control blocks and use of calling buffers
  • Evaluate the overhead for major commands accessing and modifying the database
  • Identify the components of the nucleus which directly affect its performance and that of database programs

By attending Adabas - Internals workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe in-depth the structure and function of Adabas components
  • Show how each Direct Call operates and explain its impact on Adabas performance
  • Troubleshoot and debug complex Adabas issues

By attending Adabas - Performance and Tuning workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Use a variety of tool and techniques that enhance and maintain Adabas database performance
  • Interpret Adabas command logs to find performance problems

For Adabas - Essentials

  • Working knowledge of sequential and keyed access to data files

For Adabas - Internals

  • Adabas DBA Skills

For Adabas - Performance and Tuning

  • Attend a training on Adabas Internals or possess equivalent work experience.

  • Programmers
  • Analysts
  • Designers
  • Database Administrators
  • Database Technicians
  • Experienced Adabas database administrators


Adabas - Essentials
(Duration : 1 Day)


Introduction to Adabas

  • Overview
  • Adabas: The Adaptable Database management system
  • Adabas Structure vs. RDBMS
  • Adabas Architecture

ADABAS Data Storage

  • Data Storage Overview
    • Fields
    • Descriptors
    • Formats
  • Adabas Data Compression
    • Compression Overview
    • Types of Adabas Data Compression

ADABAS Associator

  • Associator Overview
    • Associator Components
  • Understanding the Inverted List
    • Relationship with Data Storage
    • Descriptor Review
    • How the Inverted List works
  • Other Associator Structures
    • Address Converter
    • General Control Block (GCB)
    • File Control Block (FCB)
    • Free Space Table (FST)

ADABAS Work Dataset

  • Work Overview
  • Work Part I: Autorestart
  • Work Part II: Complex Search Resolution
  • Work Part III: ISN List Storage


  • Utilities Overview
  • AdaRep

Accessing the Database Direct Calls Overview

  • Types of Direct Calls
  • Processing the call
  • Calling Adabas
  • Control Block
  • Buffers
  • Response Codes

Natural and Adabas

  • Natural Overview
  • Natural and. Direct Calls

Class Review and Wrap-up

Adabas - Internals
(Duration : 3 Days)


Adabas Structures

  • Data Storage
  • Associator
  • Work
  • Protection

The Nucleus

  • Startup processing
  • Direct call processing
  • Communication with Adabas
  • Shutdown

Pools and Queues

  • Command Que
  • Buffer Pool
  • Format Pool

Adabas Instructions

  • Adabas Instructions
  • User Exits
  • Dump Interpretation
Adabas - Performance and Tuning
(Duration : 3 Days)


Adabas Facilities

  • Methods and considerations in command log setup
  • Using performance tools and setting baseline data
  • Adabas Statistical Facility (ASF)
  • Adabas Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP)

Analyzing Key Performance Indicators

  • Interpreting summary statistics for problem areas
  • Common command sequences that indicate performance problems
  • Reading ADAREP reports for performance problems
  • REVIEW DB Usage

Guidelines for Improving Performance

  • Database dataset placement
  • Search algorithm efficiencies
  • File placement considerations
  • Sizing ADARUN parameters
  • User exits for performance
  • Checklists for file design and application considerations

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