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( Duration: 5 Days )

SystemC training course introduces SystemC, a C++ class library for system-level modelling. SystemC is typically used to model systems that have both hardware and software content at the transaction level of abstraction. This course covers the SystemC core language and its application to transaction-level modelling.

By attending SystemC workshop, delegates will learn:

  • The C++ language features necessary to master SystemC
  • Object-oriented programming techniques as used by the SystemC class libraries
  • The SystemC core language, data types and channels
  • How to make best use of the SystemC simulator to debug and validate your models
  • How to move up from RTL modelling to transaction-level modelling
  • An introduction to the SystemC TLM-2.0 standard
  • An overview of high-level synthesis using SystemC (optional)
  • An overview of the SystemC Verification Library SCV (optional)

  • Knowledge of the C programming language, in particular familiarity with C functions, variables, data types, operators, and statements.
  • Working knowledge of C++ and of object-oriented programming concepts is essential and basic knowledge of hardware design is recommended.
  • Hardware Design Engineers who wish to become skilled in the practical use of SystemC for modelling digital hardware
  • System Engineers and architects who wish to become skilled in the practical use of SystemC for system level modelling
  • Software Engineers who already have good knowledge of C/C++, but who wish to acquire some practical experience in the use of the SystemC class libraries



Essential C++ for SystemC

  • From C to C++
  • Classes and Objects
  • Special Member Functions
  • Vectors
  • Subobjects
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual Functions
  • Templates and Conversions
  • Extra Features

Fundamentals of SystemC

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Modules and Channels
  • Processes and Time
  • The Scheduler
  • SystemC Data Types
  • Debugging and Tracing
  • Interfaces and Channels
  • Bus modeling
  • Additional Features
  • Introduction to TLM-2.0
  • Further TLM-2.0
  • Supplementary Subjects
    • Fixed Point Types
    • Overview of SystemC Synthesis
    • Overview of the SystemC Verification Library
    • IEEE 1666-2011

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