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( Duration: 3 Days )

Qt Quik is an open source application framework for creating user interfaces (UIs). QML is a directive programming language for designing UI centric applications. With Qt Quick and QML, users are able to build cross platform and dynamic UIs. This QML training course provides skills to develop cross platform GUI applications on windows, mac and linux.

By attending QML workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Design prototypes for application UIs using QML.
  • Create and implement an application's UI elements using QML.
  • Implement animations, transforms, and transitions to create a more responsive experience for users of the application.

The QML class is ideal for:

  • Web designers who wish to build cross platform and dynamic UIs using Qt Quick and QML.



QML Programming

  • QML syntax
  • Property binding
  • Qt Quick Global Objects

Qt Quick Elements

  • Items, rectangles, and text
  • Images
  • Signals and slots

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring Qt Quick

QML Basic Concepts

  • Building simple widgets
  • Implementing simple widgets
  • Inputting resources
  • Using Views in QML
  • Replacing delegates of content

Qt Quick Positioning

  • Using anchors
  • Working with positioners, layouts, and flow

Animations, transitions, and transforms

  • Implementing animations and particles
  • Using transitions
  • Working with transforms
  • Applying state and gradients

Qt Quick Controls and modules

  • Using Qt Quick controls to build widgets
  • Implementing Qt Quick control widgets
  • Creaing custom styles for widgets
  • Using a custom style on a widget

Dashboard Applications and Prototypes

  • Defining the applications functionalities
  • Applying components and structure
  • Adding a main UI
  • Using application switch mechanism
  • Implementing widgets and application popups
  • Creating models
  • Adding a UI theme
  • Making the UI responsive

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