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( Duration: 2 Days )

Numerical approach is currently playing a vital role in the Research and Development of any field. It has also broadened the ideologies by easing the testing. Numerous solvers are available that do the analysis in a time span and effort much less than it takes to test a prototype experimentally. OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers. It began dominating the numerical world by its flexibility, power and open availability. OpenFOAM includes flexible physical modeling codes to deliver fast, accurate results across the widest range of CFD and multiphysics applications. In OpenFOAM training course you will learn basic meshing, converting mesh, case setup, assigning physical conditions, choosing solver, schemes, solving in series and parallel, extracting results.

By attending OpenFOAM workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Introduction to OpenFOAM
  • Basic meshing
  • Visualizing mesh
  • Case setup
  • Steady and transient analysis
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Assigning Boundary conditions
  • Solvers and schemes
  • Series and parallel solving
  • Running case
  • Viewing and plotting results in paraview

  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Fluid Dynamics Researchers
  • Building & Construction Engineers




  • What is OpenFOAM
  • Computational approach
  • Steady and transient cases
  • Flow analysis
  • Thermal analysis


  • What is meshing?
  • Types of Mesh
  • Types of meshing tools (blockMesh, snappyHex, Ansys Mesh, ICEM CFD)
  • Simple 2D and 3D mesh


  • Importing mesh
  • Visualizing mesh
  • Material setup
  • Laminar and turbulent
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Assigning BC’s


  • Solvers and schemes
  • Time step setup
  • Residual control and plot
  • Check case setup
  • Solving in series and parallel


  • Reading data
  • Visualizing results
  • Contours and plots
  • Generating video (transient case)
  • Calculate final results

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