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Linux Performance Tuning

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Linux Performance Tuning training course is ideal for experienced Linux / Unix system administrators to learn the ins-and-outs of tuning a production system running Linux.

This course focuses on the key concepts, processes, commands, and tools required to perform baseline performance management and tuning. The course begins with an overview of performance methodologies, terminologies, and concepts. It then transitions into system level examination and tuning of components like processes, threads, memory, disk I/O, and file systems.

By attending Linux Performance Tuning workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Describe 4 key performance tuning terms
  • Define a performance tuning strategy for the organization
  • Capture a baseline, and measure tuning increases / decreases against the baseline

System administrators responsible for the care-and-feeding of production Linux systems.



Performance Methodology

  • Terms for Performance Analysis
  • Isolating and Mitigating Bottleneck
  • Identifying Outcomes for Tuning
  • Setting up Regular Monitoring

Observing the System

  • Common performance tools
  • Interpreting sar, vmstat, and iostat output
  • Third-party analysis tools
  • Inferring trouble from system reports

CPU Performance Measurement

  • Calculating the impact of caches and busses
  • Observing caching performance
  • Using CPI to measure utilization
  • Tuning the process scheduler

Managing Processes & Threads

  • Measuring Process Utilization
  • Physical and Virtual Process Size
  • Tracing A Process
  • Tracing a Virtual Machine

Memory Management

  • How Virtual Memory Works
  • Swapping vs. Paging Behavior
  • Large/Huge Page Size Support

Tuning Disk to I/O Demand

  • Utilization, Saturation & Throughput
  • Sequential & Random Demand
  • Plotting Disk Activity

Observing File System Latency

  • The STREAMS model for I/O
  • Matching Workload to I/O Services
  • SAN/NAS File Systems
  • What Distributed File Systems Do

Tuning for the Network

  • Observing Network Latency
  • Calculating Distance in Hops

Solaris-specific Tools

  • prstat
  • truss
  • p-tools
  • DTrace

Linux-specific tools

  • top
  • strace
  • valgrind
  • SystemTap

JVM-specific tools

  • jps
  • jstat
  • jhat
  • VisualVM
  • JMX telemetry

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