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Embedded Linux

( Duration: 5 Days )

Linux is gaining popularity in Embedded world day by day. Most of the Embedded platform today uses “Linux” due to “low cost” and “open source”. This Embedded Linux training course, will provide you the basic understanding of Embedded Linux, porting Linux to embedded platform and hands on experience in building the Linux for embedded platforms.

Linux is industry choice in Embedded world due to free, open and portable natures. The trend towards developing small, portable and low cost devices asks you to get exposed to Linux. This Embedded Linux workshop will help you to grab opportunities in the competitive and grooming embedded industry.

No previous knowledge of Linux programming or Linux system is required, however, basic understanding of C programming is must.

This Embedded Linux class is ideal for software engineers who are about to begin their career in Embedded world.




  • Introduction to embedded system
  • Introduction to OS and RTOS
  • Why Linux?
  • Linux in real world
  • Licensing in the FREE world(GPL/apache)
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Linux as a embedded OS

Processor basics

  • Standalone processor
  • SOC
  • Hardware platforms

Boot loaders

  • What is a boot loader?
  • Boot loader phases
  • Startup sequence of boot loader
  • Kernel boot sequence
  • Porting u-boot
  • User Space Initialization

Target board bring-up

  • Factory default setups
  • Methods of board bring-up
  • Boot and initial debug utilities

Embedded Linux kernel

  • Kernel source code and getting the kernel
  • Creating kernel image
  • Kernel bootargs and initialization
  • Configuring the Linux kernel for different platforms
  • Booting the kernel
  • Kernel porting tips
  • Example of OMAP platform

System initializations

  • root file system
  • the init process
  • initial ramdisk
  • using initramfs
  • system shutdown

Device driver for an Embedded system

  • Device Driver concepts
  • The GPL
  • modules
  • Licensing

The File-system

  • FAT and NTFS
  • ext2
  • ext3
  • jffs
  • cramfs
  • NFS
  • ubifs
  • other file-systems:ext4, pseudo file-system, etc
  • Building a file-system

Embedded Development Environment

  • Cross compiler and tool chain
  • Host system
  • target system

  • GNU debugger
  • Data display debugger
  • Traditional debugging techniques
  • Tracing and profiling tools
  • binary utilities
  • Profiling methods

Embedded Linux application

  • Target Debug
  • Remote debug
  • Shared libraries

Porting Linux

  • customize Linux for the target board


  • MTD
  • busy box


  • Future of embedded system
  • What Can we do?

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