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Objected Oriented Embedded C++

( Duration: 4 Days )

This Objected Oriented Embedded C++ training course demonstrates how C++ can improve the correctness, readability, and efficiency of embedded software, in some cases accomplishing what is literally impossible in C.

By attending Objected Oriented Embedded C++ workshop, delegates will gain:

  • An understanding of how compilers implement virtually every part of the language
  • Knowledge of how to avoid code bloat from templates, exceptions, and other language features
  • Familiarity with how to use C++ with ROM, memory-mapped IO, ISRs and signal handlers, and custom memory management schemes
  • Examples of how C++ templates can provide powerful functionality difficult or impossible to implement in C
  • An overview of issues related to the use of C++ in safety-critical and real-time systems


Day 1

  • Embedded Fundamentals
  • Interfacing with Hardware
  • Memory in Embedded Systems
  • Memory Allocation
  • Creating an LED class in C++

Day 2

  • Class and Object
  • GPIO Concepts, GPIO programming structures and GPIO Registers, GPIO Alternate functionality register, GPIO Peripheral clock control
  • Overloading (Operator and Function)
  • Inheritance in C++
  • Implementing Inheritance in C++

Day 3

  • Write embedded drivers from scratch in object-oriented C using information from the datasheet. E.g. GPIO drivers, TIMERS drivers, UART drivers etc.
  • Implementing Polymorphism in C
  • Define addresses for the different peripherals
  • Developing our General Purpose Input / Output Library in C++

Day 4

  • Introduction to Timers, Types of Timers and its use in Embedded system
  • Developing the UART Library
  • Implementing the SysTick Library C++
  • Compiler optimization and flags Different compiler optimization levels

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