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Embedded C Memory Management

( Duration: 2 Days )

C is a powerful low-level language that allows you to directly manipulate memory with pointers and get a lot of performance from it. However, C also allows for the programming of higher-level constructs that can make programs more maintainable and concise. In this Embedded C Memory Management training course, you will investigate the low-level detail of pointers to data and functions. You will use this knowledge to implement higher-level constructs like abstract types, inheritance, and dynamic binding. You will also consider CPU caches when creating structures to make your programs efficient.

By attending Embedded C Memory Management workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Implement pass-by-reference semantics using pointers
  • Manipulate a structure variable through a pointer
  • Allocate and release memory on the heap
  • Write a function that accepts a function as a parameter
  • Combine structures and functions to create higher-level constructs
  • Implement inheritance and dynamic binding
  • Work with reference counting
  • Consider alignment and caches when defining structures
  • Make interfaces more clear with const

  • Previous programming experience

The Embedded C Memory Management class is ideal for:

  • Programmers who want to program close to the hardware in C Language


Day 1

  • Access and Manipulate Memory with Pointers
  • Manage Your Program’s Memory Usage with Heap and Stack-Based Allocations
  • Create Abstract Data Types Using Opaque Pointers

Day 2

  • Change Program Behavior at Runtime with Function Pointers
  • Write Object-Oriented Code in C
  • Consider Alignment, Packing, and Caches When Declaring Structures

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