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C++ Design Patterns

( Duration: 4 Days )

C++ Design Patterns are standard solutions to common software design problems. Instead of focusing on how individual components work, design patterns are a systematic approach that focus and describe abstract systems of interaction between classes, objects, and communication flow.

This C++ Design Patterns training course explores advanced principles of object-oriented design by studying key software design patterns. The patterns are drawn from a variety of sources and illustrated through examples and case studies. Examples are presented in C++ Language. You will also have an opportunity to apply these patterns through a series of hands-on exercises.

By attending C++ Design Patterns workshop, delegates will:

  • Understand the design patterns that are common in software applications
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the principles of object-oriented design
  • Understand how these patterns relate to object-oriented design
  • Develop programs that are extensible, flexible, maintainable, modular, portable, reusable & understandable

  • Atleast One year of programming experience in C++



Design and architecture

  • what is software architecture?
  • describing or defining an architecture
  • reuse of knowledge
  • patterns in software design

Pattern structure

  • basic form
  • problem and forces
  • solution and consequences
  • an example: the Composite pattern
  • documenting patterns
  • documenting pattern use

Organizing patterns

  • pattern catalogues
  • the "Gang of Four"
  • "Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture" (POSA)
  • strategic versus tactical patterns
  • review of organizational patterns
  • review of analysis patterns
  • review of architectural patterns
  • review of design patterns and idioms
  • pattern languages

Delegation patterns

  • basic principles
  • Adapter and its variations
  • Proxy
  • Bridge
  • Manager

Decoupling patterns

  • layers
  • Interface Decoupling
  • Role Decoupling
  • Observer
  • The Law of Demeter

Creational patterns

  • Factory Method
  • Disposal Method
  • Singleton (and issues)
  • Cloning
  • Copy Constructor

Value patterns

  • value-based programming
  • Whole Value
  • Value Object
  • Enumeration Values
  • Class Factory Method
  • Copied Value
  • Immutable Value
  • Mutable Companion

Functional patterns

  • Named Selector
  • Command
  • Command Processor
  • Command Adapter
  • Composite Command
  • Composite Exception
  • Block
  • Active Object

Sequential patterns

  • Combined Method
  • Finally for Each Release
  • Execute-around Method

Iteration patterns

  • Iterator
  • Combined Iterator
  • Enumeration Method

Selection patterns

  • Null Object
  • State-based Selection
  • Objects for States (State)

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