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C++ Concurrency

( Duration: 1 Day )

The C++ Concurrency training course will introduce you to modern C++ concurrency on the Windows operating system. This workshop uses the Windows operating system as the playground to explore concurrency in C++. This course will prepare with a deep understanding of threads and synchronization at the OS level, including modern synchronization primitives such as slim reader/writer locks and condition variables. You will learn all about the mighty Windows thread pool API and the Concurrency Runtime. Finally, you will be introduced to some of the shortcomings that plague the C++ Thread Support Library.



Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • The Concurrency Landscape
  • Getting Started


  • Windows Threads
  • Threads and The CRT
  • Events
  • Threads and Events


  • Critical Sections
  • Mutexes
  • Slim Reader/Writer Locks
  • Slim Reader/Writer Locks and Guards
  • Slim Reader/Writer Locks and Threads
  • The Windows Runtime Library’s CriticalSection
  • The Windows Runtime Library’s SRWLock

Condition Variables

  • Auto-Reset Events
  • Finding The Problem
  • Manual-Reset Events
  • Condition Variables

The Windows Thread Pool

  • Submitting Callbacks
  • Caring for The Environment
  • Pools of Threads
  • Mixing Environments and Pools
  • Units of Work

The Windows Thread Pool – Part 2

  • Thread Pool Synchronization
  • Timers and Timeouts
  • Relative Timeouts and Periods
  • Cleanup and Cancellation

The Concurrency Runtime

  • parallel_for_each
  • parallel_for
  • parallel_invoke and parallel_reduce
  • parallel_transform
  • concurrent_vector
  • concurrent_queue
  • Cooperative Synchronization
  • Tasks

The C++ Thread Support Library

  • Threads
  • Locks and Guards

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