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( Duration: 5 Days )

Terraform training course will give you hands-on experience building, changing, and versioning infrastructure as code. Through practical hands-on exercises you will learn to provision and manage infrastructure and services whether in the cloud or on-premises.

By attending Terraform workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Installing Terraform
  • Build and configure Infrastructure as Code
  • Execution Plans
  • Resource Graphs
  • Change Automation
  • Creating images with Packer

  • Experience of using Windows or Linux with the Command Line

  • This course is aimed at Systems Administrators, IT Managers, SREs and DevOps / Operations engineers who want to manage infrastructure using Terraform.



Introduction to Terraform

  • Overview of Terraform architecture
  • Obtaining and installing Terraform
  • Terraform CLI
  • Infrastructure lifecycle

Language Components

  • Resources
  • Terraform Providers - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, On-premise
  • Modules
  • Data providers
  • Patterns for structuring projects

Infrastructure as Code

  • Abstracting services and resources
  • Planning your architecture
  • Creating Configuration Files
  • Setting up a simple two-tier AWS architecture
  • Using Packer to pre-configure Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
  • Using Consul for Service DIscovery
  • Terminating infrastructure with Destroy

State Management

  • Mapping real world resources to configurations
  • Recording metadata
  • Creating infrastructure plans
  • Inspecting and modifying state

Environment Variables

  • Dealing with Parameters
  • Key variables (TF_LOG, TF_VAR_name...)

Managing Resources

  • Implicit and Explicit Dependencies
  • Non-dependant Resources
  • Iterating on Resources

Terraform & GitOps

  • Git as the source of truth
  • Using Terraform to describe deployment
  • Deploying environments with CI pipelines

Terraform Test Automation

  • Terratest
  • Unit Testing Terraform Modules

Terraform Security

  • Securing your Terraform Pipeline
  • System Accounts & Permissions
  • Terraform Backend configuration
  • Handling Environments separately

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Checking OCI service status
  • Verbose Logging
  • Error messages

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