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Programming to NoSQL Data Stores

( Duration: 1 Day )

This Programming to NoSQL Data Stores training course provides an introduction to the role, key features and benefits that NoSQL data stores may bring to your Big Data or real-time applications. It covers both ad hoc querying from a console and programmatic access from applications.

By attending Programming to NoSQL Data Stores workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Select appropriate NoSQL data stores for disparate data sets
  • Increase application scalability, performance and structure with Redis
  • Store and query schema-less document oriented data with MongoDB
  • Scale high write loads of unstructured data in Cassandra
  • Persist and search highly connected as graphs in Neo4j

Anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the benefits of NoSQL datastores to store and access data that would be difficult or inappropriate in a relational database.



Introduction to NoSQL

  • Evaluating the role and benefit of NoSQL data stores
  • Defending relational databases
  • Categorizing the NoSQL landscape

Architecting Key/Value and Document Data Stores

  • Exploiting the unique characteristics of Key/Value data stores
  • Scaling applications with Redis messaging
  • Identifying the use cases of document data stores
  • Querying MongoDB schema-less data

Building Column Family and Graph Data Stores

  • Persisting multi-dimensional schema with Cassandra
  • Inserting high velocity data into Cassandra
  • Establishing the role of graph data stores
  • Executing complex queries using Neo4J Cypher QL

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