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Google Cloud Platform

( Duration: 5 Days )

In Google Cloud Platform training course, you will learn to design and build secure, reliable, and scalable Google Cloud-based applications.

By attending Google Cloud Platform workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Value of Google Cloud Platform
  • Purpose and business value of the core Google Cloud Platform services
  • Use Google Compute Engine features including: Instances, images, persistent disks, startup scripts, metadata, snapshots, networks, and load balancers
  • Build and deploy Google App Engine applications that use caching, authentication, storage (Google Cloud Datastore), and queues
  • Store and secure data using Google Cloud Storage
  • Use Google Cloud SQL to store application data
  • Query and analyze data using Google BigQuery

  • Experience developing web applications
  • Experience developing applications using a common programming language such as Java or Python



Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

  • Introducing Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Platform Overview
  • Examples of using Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud Platform Endpoints and Services
  • Interacting with GCP
  • Support and Resources

Google Compute Engine

  • Introducing Google Compute Engine
  • Interacting with Google Compute Engine
  • Instances
  • Disks
  • Images
  • Snapshots
  • Networks
  • Authorization
  • Metadata
  • Startup scripts
  • Network Load Balancing

Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore

  • Introducing Google App Engine
  • Google App Engine Fundamentals
  • Building and Managing Your Application
  • Authenticating Users
  • Caching and State Management
  • Introducing Google Cloud Datastore
  • Cloud Datastore queries and indexes
  • Cloud Datastore entity groups and transactions
  • Decoupling work using Queues and Scheduled Tasks

Google Cloud Storage

  • Introducing Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud Storage Components
  • Interacting with Google Cloud Storage
  • Access Control Lists
  • Signed URLs
  • Website hosting
  • Object Change Notification

Google Cloud SQL

  • Introducing Google Cloud SQL
  • Database administration
  • Interacting with Cloud SQL
  • Using Your Instances from Google App Engine
  • Using Your Instances from Google Compute Engine

Google BigQuery

  • Introducing Google BigQuery
  • BigQuery Fundamentals
  • Interacting with BigQuery
  • Preparing and loading data with BigQuery
  • Query clauses and functions
  • Working with large datasets
  • Nested and repeated fields
  • Exporting data

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