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AWS Lambda

( Duration: 1 Day )

The AWS Lambda training course will provide skills to write, deploy, scale and manage lambda functions. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to architect solutions from tiny composable microservices that scale massively and respond almost in real time. In this course we will take you through the entire Lambda journey. From setting up local environment, writing first Lambda function, to deploying interesting and unique lambda functions that will help massively scale operations.

By attending AWS Lambda workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Talk with authority about AWS Lambda
  • Write amazing application services that respond to S3/DynamoDB/Kinesis events
  • Understand where/when to use AWS Lambda
  • Write own AWS Lambda functions
  • Deploy & run lambda functions in the cloud
  • Manage lambda functions including diagnostics/logging

  • A little bit of coding experience helps -- ie. what is a function, a variable, etc.
  • Some experience using the command-line/terminal helps

  • AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
  • Developers who want to build micro-services
  • Developers who want to build massively scalable systems
  • Solution architects (not just developers) who want to understand more about Lambda



Welcome To Lambda

  • Introduction
  • Lambda - The Theory

Preparation For Hands On Labs

  • Lab Preparation
  • Install AWS CLI
  • Create & Configure CLI Credentials

Hands On Lab: Participants First Lambda Function

  • Create the lambda function and deployment package
  • Upload function deployment package to AWS
  • Invoke the lambda function
  • Download code, delete function & cleanup

Hands On Lab: S3 Events (Image Thumbnail Generator)

  • Preparation
  • Create a lambda function that generates thumbnails
  • Upload the function and test it manually
  • Configure bucket notification and test end-to-end
  • Cleanup

Hands On Lab: Kinesis Events

  • Preparation
  • Create a Lambda function to process Amazon Kinesis events
  • Upload the function to AWS & test it manually
  • Create an Amazon Kinesis stream & hook it up to Lambda
  • Test end-to-end

Hands On Lab: DynamoDB Events

  • Placeholder

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