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CA Service Desk Manager - CMDB Administration

( Duration: 2 Days )

In CA Service Desk Manager - CMDB Administration training course, you will learn managing configuration items (CIs) and how to design a data management strategy to populate the CA CMDB with trusted data. You will also examine the TWA and learn about using GRLoader and SQL with it.

By attending CA Service Desk Manager - CMDB Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Tailor CA CMDB to suit your environment
  • Manage data in CA CMDB
  • Import data into CA CMDB

  • Knowledge of CA Service Desk Manager - Administration

  • Configuration Managers
  • Configuration Administrators
  • System Administrators



Describe the CA CMDB

  • Define key configuration management concepts and the role of the CMDB in ITIL
  • Define the importance of CMDB in configuration management
  • Describe CMDB use cases

Review the CA CMDB Architecture

  • Define the CMDB architecture
  • Describe the CA SDM components used for the CMDB

Administer the CA CMDB

  • Use the SDM web interface to manage CIs
  • Organize CIs into families and classes
  • Update reference data
  • View data using the MDR Launcher

Edit Configuration Items

  • Identify features of logging
  • Edit CIs using the Edit in List function
  • Assign families to Base Object CIs
  • Assign and compare CIs using the versioning function

Manage CIs Using CMDB Visualizer

  • Search and display CIs
  • Trace CI relationships and create filters

General Resource Loader

  • Use the GRLoader utility to bulk load or update Configuration items
  • Use the GRLoader utility to bulk load CI Relationships
  • Use the following formats as input to the GRLoader utility:
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Comma separated value file (CSV)
  • JDBC and ODBC data sources
  • XML

Identify Data Management Aspects of CA CMDB

  • Describe a data gold standard
  • Describe the reconciliation process
  • Describe data federation
  • Identify data management best practices

Describe Data Staging and the Role of the TWA

  • Navigate the Transaction Work Area (TWA)
  • Load CI and relationships into the TWA
  • Update/edit transactions in the TWA using the SDM web interface and SQL queries
  • Load transactions from the TWA into the CMDB

Configuration Audit and Control Facility Overview

  • Describe Configuration Audit and Control Facility (CACF) and it’s key concepts
  • Identify the main components of CACF
  • Describe how the components work together
  • Describe how CACF is used by Change Management

Configuration Audit and Control Facility Administration

  • Administer the change verification environment
  • Identify the administrative components of CACF

CACF Change Management Example

  • Perform change verification using CACF
  • Create a change order
  • Follow the change order through its lifecycle Describe the reconciliation process

Case Study: Perform a generic Implementation of a CMDB

  • Identify data sourcing mechanisms and best practices for populating the CMDB
  • Add a new MDR to the CMDB

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