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CA Service Desk Manager - Administration

( Duration: 3 Days )

This CA Service Desk Manager - Administration training course provides skills to create incident tickets, configure scorecards, and configure organizational reference data. You will also be shown how to maintain the security of your service desk. In addition, you will get insights of SAML Authentication 2.0 configuration, Notifications, setting up mailboxes using Maileater, License Usage Feature, set up access rights for KB articles, configureservice level agreements (SLAs), configure surveys, and perform other administrative tasks.

By attending CA Service Desk Manager - Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Verify that any interruptions or reduction in service encountered by customers and employees are resolved as quickly as possible
  • Configure organizational reference data records so that your business data structure accurately reflects the operational procedures that it uses
  • Maintain the security requirements of your service desk by validating users according to company policy, configuring the organization of your contacts and groups, assigning roles to appropriate access types, and allowing users to only access records that relate to their role
  • Manage the volume and efficiency of notifications sent on the tickets activity and set up xFlow Analysts Interface to help decision makers

  • Familiarity with structured query language (SQL) and database theory is highly recommended.
  • Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript, while not necessary, is advantageous.

The CA Service Desk Manager - Administration class is ideal for:

  • Database Administrators
  • Service Desk Manager/Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Application Administrators
  • Implementation Consultants
  • IT Architects
  • Pre-Sales Consultants
  • Financial Administrators



Describe CA SDM Components and Architecture

  • Identify the CA SDM components
  • Define the CA SDM architecture

Create Incident Tickets and Ticket Templates

  • Create incident tickets
  • Search for incident tickets
  • Configure common shared objects for tickets

Configure Scoreboards Using Stored Queries

  • Identify predefined stored queries
  • Modify the scoreboard
  • Modify the scoreboard using a time-based stored queries

Configure Organizational Reference Data


Describe CA SDM Authentication

  • Describe CA SDM authentication
  • SAML Authentication 2.0 Enablement on TOMCAT, IIS and APACHE

Configure Contacts and Groups


Create Roles and Access Types

  • Identify predefined roles
  • Associate a new role with an access type

Create Data Partitions

  • Create a basic data partition
  • Describe the advanced use of data partitions.

Configure CA SDM Notifications

  • Describe the components of notifications and their functions
  • Enable activity notification rules
  • Configure default notification rules
  • Create notification rules
  • Modify notification message templates

Manage SLAs

  • Describe event-based automation
  • Create macros
  • Create events
  • Create service types
  • Modify ticket priority
  • Configure service types
  • Create service target templates
  • Attach service target templates to tickets & areas

Configure Surveys

  • Create a survey template
  • Create managed surveys

Perform Additional Administrative Tasks

  • Describe Options Manager
  • Mail Eater functionality and configure mail boxes
  • Describe how to stop and start CA SDM processes
  • Describe the CA SDM patching process
  • Identify basic troubleshooting methods

Administer the xFlow Analyst Interface

  • Administer the xFlow Analyst interface
  • NTLM Authentication for share point integration
  • Create work streams
  • Manage ticket views
  • Configure active assistance for tickets
  • Configure the heat& weather calculation
  • Describe notifications, messagesand search feature.
  • Configure the command bar
  • Describe the importation of profile pictures

Moniter License Usage

  • View Licenses in Un Tenanted environment.
  • Create Tenants
  • View Licenses in Tenanted environment.

Describe Knowledge Base (KB)Articles

  • Create a Knowledge Category
  • Grant Access to view / Modify a knowledge document

Modify Ticket Attributes

  • Modify/Update Ticket Attributes
  • Configure Ticket Attributes

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