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CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control

( Duration: 3 Days )

This CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control training course provides skills to install and configure CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control Windows, UNIX/Linux, and UNIX Authentication Broker (UNAB) endpoints. You will perform common administrative tasks such as managing users, groups, and policies to control access to resources. You will protect resources such as files, programs, and registry keys. With UNAB, you will enable central management of your UNIX administrators in Active Directory. Through out the course you will be exposed to a command shell known as selang, the CA Privleged Access Manager Server Control command language.

By attending CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Install and configure Windows, Linux, and UNAB endpoints
  • Delegate responsibilities through administrative scoping
  • Configure access controls over resources such as files, programs, and registry
  • Control user ID substitution and enable safe user switching
  • Control network access in and out of protected endpoints
  • Simplify endpoint management using policies
  • Use the UNIX Authentication Broker to centrally manage users

  • Windows server and UNIX/Linux system administration knowledge

The CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control class is ideal for:

  • Implementation Consultants
  • IT Architects
  • Application Administrators



Getting Started

  • Features and functionality
  • Architecture and components

Install CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

  • Install server components
  • Install a Windows endpoint
  • Install a UNIX/Linux endpoint
  • Install a UNAB endpoint

Administer CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

  • How CA PAM SC works
  • Work with users and groups
  • Assign global authorization attributes
  • Control access to resources
  • Monitor the environment

Protect Files and Programs

  • Protect file class resources
  • Protect sensitive files and programs from tampering

Control User Substitution

  • Control user and group substitution
  • Enable safe user switching with sesu
  • Permit users to perform superuser tasks with sesudo

Protect the Server

  • Implement Network Access Protection
  • Protect the registry

Manage the Environment with Policies

  • Describe advanced policy management
  • Audit policy deployment
  • Perform policy maintenance

Enable UNIX Authentication Broker

  • Describe the UNIX Authentication Broker
  • Configure Active Directory and AD users
  • Manage UNAB login authorization

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