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CA Workload Automation AE

( Duration: 3 Days )

This CA Workload Automation AE training course provides the knowledge and skills required to use CA Workload Automation AE effectively. Exercises relating to managing and scheduling jobs and creating and managing calendars will help you apply this knowledge to your work environment.

By attending CA Workload Automation AE workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Understand and efficiently create multiple jobs
  • Create customized calendars to identify when jobs should run, providing flexibility for holidays and other exceptions
  • Handle job schedule exceptions in response to rare or unexpected changes in business requirements or circumstances
  • Monitor jobs based on operational requirements and configure alarms to highlight any potential issues
  • Manage jobs efficiently to gain greater visibility into job workload processing
  • Verify successful execution of jobs
  • Perform job load balancing to optimize system performance by assigning priorities and distributing load for controlling job workloads
  • Batch-manage jobs and automate actions using the command-line interface
  • Troubleshoot failed jobs

The CA Workload Automation AE class is ideal for Managers.



Describe CA Workload Automation AE

  • Identify benefits of CA Workload Automation AE
  • Describe the CA Workload Automation AE architecture
  • Navigate the CA WCC interface

Create Jobs

  • Create job types
  • Define unique job types

Schedule Jobs

  • Identify scheduling best practices
  • Schedule jobs using date and time attributes
  • Schedule jobs using events

Create Views

  • Create monitoring views
  • Manage jobs from the Quick View tab
  • Create alert policies
  • View Scheduler logs

Modify Job Schedules on the Monitoring Tab

  • Initiate jobs on demand
  • Specify one‐time overrides for jobs

Manage Jobs on the Resources Tab

  • Create resources
  • Manage resources

Specify Advanced Box Job Completion Attributes


Perform Job Load Balancing


Manage Events in the Event Management Console

  • Describe Event Management
  • Navigate the Event Console
  • Create Message policies
  • Create Action policies
  • Validate Message and Action policies

Manage CA Workload Automation AE from the Command‐line Interface Part I

  • Run CA Workload Automation AE commands
  • Create commands for CA Workload Automation AE
  • Import and export command output

Manage CA Workload Automation AE from the Command‐line Interface Part II

  • Apply advanced management options from the command line
  • Stop and start CA Workload Automation AE
  • Create job definitions
  • Manage CA WCC through the Batch interface

Troubleshoot CA Workload Automation AE

  • Verify communication between the Agent and the Scheduler
  • Verify the status of the CA Workload Automation AE components
  • Manage server outage and repair
  • Recover from a job outage

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