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CA UIM - Presentation and Reporting

( Duration: 3 Days )

This CA UIM - Presentation and Reporting training course provides a deep dive into the visualization technology delivered in the CA UIM Unified Management Portal (UMP) and Unified Reporter (UR). You will learn about the various options for displaying data from CA UIM, discuss strategies for designing high-quality, engaging dashboards and views, and implementing best practices for building scalable user experiences.

By attending CA UIM - Presentation and Reporting workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Understand the primary components of the Plan a scalable management of the Unified Management Portal (UMP) and how they are used to monitor your IT infrastructure
  • Establish administrator and end-user portal views
  • Define list views and performance reports
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Manage Liferay site pages and site members
  • Customize the UMP look and feel
  • Configure Unified Reporter (UR) and the iReport Designer
  • Build custom reports
  • Deploy reports to the UR repository
  • Schedule UR reports
  • Troubleshoot UR reports.

  • Knowledge of CA UIM System Administration

The CA UIM - Presentation and Reporting class is ideal for:

  • CA UIM Administrators
  • CA UIM Developers
  • CA UIM Designers
  • CA UIM Architects



UMP Overview and Review

  • Identify and control UMP components
  • Identify common UMP portlet capabilities
  • Identify UMP best practices
  • Manage UMP sites and users

Portal Views

  • Define portal views
  • Identify required Unified Dashboard updates
  • Identify portal view best practices

Unified Services Manager

  • Identify the available USM views

List Views and Performance Reports

  • Design a List Views
  • Design a Performance Reports

Custom Dashboards

  • Design a Custom Dashboard

Liferay Administration

  • Create a customer portal view

Customize the User Experience

  • Build administrator views
  • Use site templates
  • Build end-user portal views
  • Disable public and private pages for non-power users
  • Change default user associations

Skin UMP with CSS and Use Virtual Hosts

  • Skin a site with CSS
  • Associate a site with a private virtual host

Perform SLM Tasks

  • Describe Service Level Management (SLM), ServiceLevel Agreement (SLAs), Service Level Objectives (SLOs), and QoS constraints
  • Define SLAs, SLOs, and QoS constraints

Configure Reporting Capabilities Using PRD, List Views, and Custom Dashboards

  • Design charts with the Performance Reports Designer (PRD)
  • Design reports using the List Designer
  • Design custom dashboards using the Dashboard Designer

Explore the Nimsoft SLM Database

  • Identify the main UIM SLM data tables
  • Identify the default UIM SLM data retention
  • Describe the QoS views script
  • Describe the UMP SLM portlet
  • Query the UIM SLM database

Build a Custom Report

  • Build a custom report
  • Add a chart to a report

Deploy a Report to the UR Repository

  • Deploy a report to the UR repository
  • Run a report from iReport
  • Run a report from UR

Make Reports Account-Aware

  • Create an account-aware report for an administrator
  • Create an account-aware report for a customer

Explore Ad Hoc Views

  • Export data using an ad hoc view

Schedule Unified Reports

  • Configure UR email notification
  • Schedule Unified Reports

Explore UR Repository Permissions

  • Set repository permissions

Explore Advanced Reporting

  • Set report date ranges
  • Set report element styles
  • Add subreports
  • Troubleshoot report issues

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