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CA Spectrum

In CA Spectrum - Essentials training course, you will learn about fault management, alarm forwarding, and getting the most from OneClick functionality. You will also be provided with the knowledge to enable you to implement, operate, and maintain a large-scale deployment. In addition, the benefits of installing add-ons will be illustrated using the CA Spectrum Network Fault Manager Report Manager.

The CA Spectrum - Optimization and Customization training course provides skills to customize many aspects of CA Spectrum, such as OneClick menus, event handling, network monitoring, subviews, tables, and privileges. You will also learn to create CA Spectrum attributes and policies to define how network is managed.

By attending CA Spectrum - Essentials workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Implement CA Spectrum to optimize the implementation and to maximize return on investment.
  • Model the network with CA Spectrum Discovery to create and automate network management tasks to keep your network model accurate.
  • Customize a topology view to make it easier to understand.
  • Configure user security to help ensure that only authorized users gain access to specific network components.
  • Manage CA Spectrum databases so you can quickly restore it in the event of a system failure.
  • Investigate fault isolation and alarm notification to resolve alarms efficiently.
  • Establish a distributed SpectroSERVER environment to manage their network that might be too large or geographically remote to manage with a single SpectroSERVER.
  • Create a fault-tolerant environment to automatically assume control of network monitoring.

By attending CA Spectrum - Optimization and Customization workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Customize OneClick menus to launch applications and scripts on their web server.
  • Create CA Spectrum attributes from Management Information Base (MIB) objects to manage the devices on their network.
  • Customize event handling to configure the actions of CA Spectrum in response to user-defined rules and conditions.
  • Customize network monitoring and subviews to increase the functionality of CA Spectrum.
  • Customize tables and privileges to refine how CA Spectrum handles attributes.
  • Implement and manage policies to define how CA Spectrum handles all aspects of network management.

  • Working knowledge of networking
  • Familiarity with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Sales Consultants
  • Application Administrators
  • Application Developers
  • System Designers
  • System Engineers


CA Spectrum - Essentials
(Duration : 5 Days)


Describe CA Spectrum

  • Describe CA Spectrum
  • Describe the architecture
  • Define the directory structure

Model the Network with CA Spectrum Discovery

  • Configure discovery
  • Schedule discovery
  • Configure CA Spectrum for SNMPv3
  • Perform service provider discovery
  • Configure automatic trap based modeling

Model Networks

  • Annotate a view
  • Model a network manually
  • Employ special model types

Navigate OneClick

  • Navigate OneClick

Manipulate Models

  • Run searches
  • Edit model attributes
  • Implement Global Collections
  • Set up server monitoring

Configure User Security

  • Configure user access
  • Secure network models
  • Create a custom role
  • Configure preferences
  • Configure LDAP authentication

Manage CA Spectrum Databases

  • Back up the SpectroSERVER database
  • Manage the DDM

Investigate Fault Isolation and Alarm Notification

  • Describe fault isolation
  • Automate alarm notifications

Manage CA Spectrum Processes with processd

  • Modify processd behavior
  • Manage processes with cmdC

Establish a Distributed SpectroSERVER Environment

  • Investigate SpectroSERVER performance views
  • Describe the distributed SpectroSERVER architecture
  • Identify distributed SpectroSERVER prerequisites
  • Investigate Global Collections
  • Employ the proxy model
  • Enable Trap Director

Create a Fault-Tolerant Environment

  • Describe the fault-tolerant SpectroSERVER architecture
  • Describe failover scenarios and standby mode
  • Identify OneClick guidelines for fault tolerance and load balancing
CA Spectrum - Optimization and Customization
(Duration : 4 Days)


Customize OneClick Menus

  • Modify existing OneClick menus
  • Create a new OneClick menu

Extend Enhanced Device Certifications

  • Customize identification
  • Add support for a new device

Create CA Spectrum Attributes from MIB Objects

  • Compile and Import a MIB Definition File into MIB Tools
  • Map a MIB from MIB Tools into Attibutes in the SpectroSERVER Catalog
  • Access Newly Mapped Attributes through OneClick

Configure CA Spectrum Trap Handling

  • Map a trap to a new event
  • Implement alarm discriminators
  • Create custom event rules

Customize Network and Systems Monitoring

  • Create custom watches
  • Customize the source of memory and CPU threshold monitoring

Customize Subviews

  • Customize an existing subview
  • Create a custom subview

Customize Tables

  • Modify table contents and properties

Customize Privileges

  • Create a custom privilege

Implement Management Policies

  • Define Policy Manager
  • Define Policy Manager policies using OneClick

Customize OneClick Branding

  • Brand OneClick

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