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CA PPM - Finance Management

( Duration: 3 Days )

This CA PPM - Finance Management training course teaches how to use CA PPM to define your OBS and plan, allocate, and record project costs according to this defined structure. The creation of cost- and rate-related matrices; the establishment, approval, and adjustment of cost plans; and the posting of financial transactions are also demonstrated. This training is based on CA PPM classic interface.

By attending CA PPM - Finance Management workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Create an OBS, which is the core element to the financial framework of your organization.
  • Enable the financial properties for projects, investments, resources, and companies to help ensure that all labor, material, equipment, and expense costs are captured and allocated to investments so they can be reported, analyzed, and billed, if appropriate.
  • Manage the financial cost matrix to help ensure that a standard cost can be applied to all transactions in the system based on a centralized cost table.
  • Post and correct postings of financial transactions to help ensure that all financial attributes relating to a transaction are present and valid in the context of the specific transaction.
  • Define and adjust cost plans to help forecast the anticipated cost for the project or investment.
  • Define benefit plans to help outline the value you will receive as a result of the cost expended to help justify the requested project budget.

  • Knowledge of project and investment management in CA PPM, or equivalent

The CA PPM - Finance Management class is ideal for:

  • Business Analysts
  • Business End Users
  • Business Team Members
  • IT Services Managers
  • Key Resources
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Process Managers
  • Project Management Office
  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors



Describe the Setup of Financial Data

  • Describe financial management
  • Sequence the setup of financial data

Define Financial Organizational Attributes

  • Define the financial OBS
  • Define entities
  • Define locations
  • Define departments
  • Review financial defaults
  • Define General Ledger accounts

Define Financial Attributes and Classifications

  • Define classifications and vendors
  • Define system and entity defaults

Build a Cost/Rate Matrix

  • Create codes
  • Create a Cost/Rate matrix

Define Financial Properties of Companies, Resources, Roles, and Investments

  • Define financial properties of companies
  • Define financial properties of resources and roles
  • Define financial properties of projects and NPIOs
  • Define a financial plan

Create Transaction Entries

  • Post timesheets
  • Create transaction entries

Post Transactions to Financial

  • Run the Post Transactions to Financial job

Process WIP Transactions

  • Post transactions to WIP
  • Import financial actuals
  • Create WIP adjustments

Set Up Chargeback Rules

  • Describe chargebacks
  • Set up chargeback rules

Manage a Service

  • Describe Service Management
  • Create service offerings
  • Build service hierarchies
  • Set up service subscriptions

Process Chargebacks

  • Process chargebacks
  • View department invoices for approval

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