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CA LISA - Pathfinder

( Duration: 1 Day )

The CA LISA - Pathfinder training course teaches to capture and analyze transaction "paths" within a system under test for rapid defect reproduction and resolution. In addition, CA LISA Pathfinder auto‐generates baseline test cases, virtual services, and data sets for defect reproduction, defect resolution, and reduction in manual test case creation.

By attending CA LISA - Pathfinder workshop, delegates will learn:

  • CA LISA Pathfinder component architecture
  • CA LISA Java Agent and Broker configuration fundamentals for transaction
  • Capture
  • CA LISA Pathfinder console overview
  • Captured transaction path analysis
  • Defect capture and identification with CA LISA Pathfinder Alt‐Click functionality
  • Data set auto‐generation
  • Baseline test case auto‐generation
  • Virtual service auto‐generation

  • Application Developers
  • Application Analysts / Architects
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Business Analysts



Describe CA LISA Pathfinder Functionality

  • Describe high‐level CA LISA Pathfinder functionality
  • Describe the Pathfinder Console

Describe CA LISA Architecture and Configuration

  • Describe the architecture of CA LISA Pathfinder
  • Describe installation and configuration of CA LISA Pathfinder components
  • Configure the CA LISA Java Agent

Describe Pathfinder Console Basics

  • Describe Pathfinder Console access
  • Describe Pathfinder Console navigation

Investigate Exceptions within a Path

  • View exceptions in the Pathfinder Console
  • Identify and investigate exceptions within a path

Filter Paths

  • Configure path filters in the Pathfinder Console to refine the number of paths displayed

Extract Data

  • Extract information from the Pathfinder Console
  • Generate a data set from captured transactions

Auto-generate Baseline Test Cases

  • Auto-generate baseline tests from a set of transactions in the Pathfinder Console to validate expected responses from your system under test

Auto-generate a Virtual Service

  • Auto-generate virtual services based on transaction paths captured in the Pathfinder Console

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