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CA eHealth Administration

( Duration: 5 Days )

The CA eHealth Administration training course provides skills to effectively install, configure, tune and administer eHealth to manage the infrastructure. You will learn to perform discovery, understand the poller configuration, report configuration, setup and service profile concepts and will obtain operation, configuration, tuning and troubleshooting experience.

By attending CA eHealth Administration workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Scale your system for the needs of your organization
  • Manage service packs and updates
  • Manage eHealth licenses
  • Discover devices through interactive and scheduled discoveries
  • Control discovery and polling using environment variables
  • Tune the discovery and poller engines for performance and reliability
  • Implement new service profiles and apply them to the system
  • Build reporting groups and learn why proper planning is vital to that process

  • Basic system administration, such as setting OS permissions, navigating a directory tree, and adding users
  • Command line interface experience, such as using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), executing scripts, and so on
  • A good understanding of network infrastructure management

  • CA eHealth Administrator System Administrators
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Enterprise Architects



Define the CA eHealth Product

  • Identify Key Features of the eHealth Product
  • Identify the Major Parts of Infrastructure Management

Plan a CA eHealth Implementation

  • Identify Supported Operating Systems
  • Determine sizing requirements
  • Create an Effective Layout

Install CA eHealth

  • Describe the Different Installation Scenarios
  • Install CA eHealth in a Standalone Mode

Troubleshoot the Installation

  • Perform Post-installation Tasks

Acquire Licensing

  • Acquire Licensing

Plan for Upgrades

  • Define the Upgrade process
  • Plan for the Upgrade Process
  • Perform a Patch Installation


  • Run the Discover Process
  • Control the Discovery Process
  • Utilize Automatic Rediscovery to Maintain eHealth

Administrative Tasks

  • Identify the eHealth User Interfaces
  • Plan Grouping Strategies
  • Manage Group Changes
  • Assign User and Group Changes
  • Manage Element Resources

Manage the Poller

  • Define the Poller
  • Identify Poller Dependencies
  • Describe the Poller Functionality, Extensibility and Scalability
  • Utilize Poller Related Scripts

Standard Reports

  • Describe the Standard Reports
  • Determine the Effective Use of Each Report
  • Manage Scheduling of Reporting

Live Health

  • Describe the Live Health Architecture
  • Manage Live Exceptions
  • Implement Live Trend
  • Implement Live Status

Manage the Database

  • Verify the Database Status
  • Schedule Database Jobs
  • Save the Database
  • Perform Database Recovery Procedures
  • Solve Disk Space Problems

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