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CA Application Test

( Duration: 1 Day )

This CA Application Test training course covers the foundational concepts and processes needed to begin using CA Application Test. This course uses test cases designed to use properties, filters, assertions, data sets, and subprocesses to invoke and verify results from a system under test.

By attending CA Application Test workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Identify test case creation methods in DevTest Workstation and DevTest Portal
  • Create and configure a test case workflow model
  • Configure properties for use in a test case
  • Configure workflow step actions, data sets, filters, assertions, log messages, documentation, and subprocess in a test case
  • Create staging and suite documents used to define how test cases execute against a system under test
  • Stage and execute test cases and monitor the results in DevTest Workstation and DevTest Portal
  • View test execution results in the Reporting Dashboard in the DevTest Portal
  • Troubleshoot test cases

  • Attend a training on CA DevTest Solutions - Foundations or equivalent practical experience

The CA Application Test class is ideal for:

  • Application Developers
  • Application Analyst/Architects
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Business Analysts



Create a Test Case

  • Create a basic webservices test case in DevTest Workstation
  • Add a step
  • Execute a step in the step type editor
  • Create an APItest case in DevTest Portal

Configure Properties

  • Describe in detail where properties are set and in what order
  • Describe where to find property values during test case design and execution
  • Describe common properties used in test case models
  • Describe test steps specific to properties

Design Workflows with Filters, Assertions, and Different Step Types

  • Create filters and assertions from a step response
  • Use different step types to invoke different layers within a system under test
  • Execute steps and elements properly at design time
  • Create looping and branching using step and assertion configurations
  • Compare XML or text values using the Graphical Text Diff tool

Create and Invoke a Subprocess

  • Describe the role of a subprocess
  • Create a subprocess from scratch or from an existing test case
  • Configure subprocess input and output parameters
  • Invoke a subprocess within a test case

Stage and Execute a Test Case

  • Describe how CA Application Testusesmultiple instances of Coordinator and Simulator severs to execute test cases
  • Create and configure a staging document
  • Stage and execute a test case with DevTest Workstationand DevTest Portal and monitor the results

Stage and Execute a Test Suite

  • Create and configure a suite document
  • Execute a suite oftests with DevTest Workstationand DevTest Portal and monitor the results

Configure Data Sets

  • Configure common data sets
  • Create global, local, and random data sets and describe how they distribute data
  • Create a looping test case using data sets

View and Export Reports

  • Access and navigate the Reporting Dashboardand in the DevTest Portal
  • Export and share reports

Troubleshoot Test Cases

  • Describe common test case errors and potential causes
  • Locate tools used to troubleshoot test case errors

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