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CA API Developer Portal

( Duration: 1 Day )

This CA API Developer Portal training course aims to provide you with a functional understanding of the CA API Developer Portal product. You will learn about the basic functions of authentication, user management, common administrator responsibilities, API management including publishing, deployment, and application creation. Finally, we will discover the different analytical metrics available for monitoring the portal environment APIs and applications.

By attending CA API Developer Portal workshop, delegates will learn to:

  • Install and configure CA API Developer Portal
  • Manage users and authentication
  • Manage organizations through account plans
  • Add APIs to the portal for publishing, deployment, and the creation of applications
  • Use analytics to monitor usage of APIs and applications

  • Basic knowledge of CA API

The CA API Developer Portal class is ideal for:

  • API Administrators
  • Application Developers



Describe CA API Developer Portal

  • Identify basic functionality of the API Developer Portal
  • Review the service architecture
  • Explain basic implementation examples

Describe the Prerequisites and Installation Process

  • Identify API Developer Portal installation prerequisites
  • List port specifications
  • Review database options
  • Discuss the available installation methods
  • Describe the container installation procedures and process
  • Review the troubleshooting process and options

Define User Authentication

  • Identify user authentication options
  • Identify external identity providers
  • Review attributes of LDAP and SSO support

Examine CA API Developer Portal Administrator Tasks

  • Review creating and enrolling external tenants
  • Configure user registration
  • Specify terms of use
  • Enable and manage third party registration
  • Review user roles and the tasks associated with each role
  • Customize the portal appearance

Create Account Plans and Manage Organizations

  • Create and manage account plans
  • Assign private APIs
  • Create and manage organizations

Manage APIs

  • Browse APIs through use of the catalog
  • Publish APIs
  • Identify deployment types
  • Identify troubleshooting information
  • Create and manage API EULAs
  • Manage API lifecycles and states
  • Create and manage policy templates
  • Identify use of API groups
  • Review the portal authorization API
  • Review the login API
  • Review the portal API

Examine CA API Developer Portal Developer Tasks

  • Manage Developer accounts
  • Explore using the API Catalog
  • Manage applications

Analyze Data

  • Explore dashboard actions
  • Review analytics for APIs, applications, errors and latency
  • Review the portal metrics API

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