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K2 IT Developer

( Duration: 5 Days )

The K2 IT Developer training course is aimed at IT Developers and is designed to teach you how to create apps using all the available K2 elements, i.e. SmartForms, SmartObjects, Workflow and Reporting. The course uses advanced topics to elaborate on the core knowledge you will learn in this course and shows you how to effectively integrate your data from external systems using Advanced SmartObjects, building customized forms with SmartForms, and creating sophisticated workflows.

By attending K2 IT Developer workshop, you will walk away with deep knowledge and understanding of the K2 platform and its key elements. Most importantly, you will be able to create powerful apps using K2 design tools and have the flexibility to extend integration requirements using REST endpoints.

  • IT Developers who has been programming for at least 2 – 3 years, and can program in multiple languages, such as SQL, C#/ VB.NET, Java, etc.



K2 Designer

  • Learn the ins and outs of the K2 Designer: what it does and how to use and navigate through it. Also get a better understanding of the the Category Browser.

K2 Elements

  • Understand the four key K2 elements: SmartObjects, SmartForms, Workflow, and Reports.

Data Interactions (using SmartBox SmartObjects)

  • Deep dive into data integration with K2's SmartBox SmartObjects technology. Learn how to create a SmartBox SmartObject, attach properties to the element, and define what kind of data types are available for use. Learn how to edit SmartBox SmartObjects and its properties post-creation.


  • Learn what SmartForms are and how to use the K2 Designer to build them. This section will also cover SmartForm types and their features and capabilities including: List Views, Item Views, Controls, Rules, and integration with workflows.


  • This module will provide everything you need to know about workflows within K2: the makeup of workflows through workflow patterns and concepts, using the Workflow Designer and starting a workflow, and how to start a workflow. Additionally, You will get a better understanding of Server Tasks, User Tasks, Actions and Notifications as well different decision steps and their outcomes.


  • This module will cover all things about reports - the different types of reports available as well as how to access and use them to troubleshoot any issues with your app. You will also see what security measures are available around reporting in K2.

Advanced SmartObjects

  • Become a pro at creating, using, and configuring Advanced SmartObjects within your apps. You will understand:
    • The SmartObject architecture work
    • How to work with SmartObject services
    • SmartObject Associations
    • Building Composite SmartObjects

Enhance Your K2 Workflow Design

  • Explore how to enhance your workflows with start options and design discussions.Get comfortable configuring multi-steps, user interaction, and logic steps in your workflow. This session will also cover how to use Fields and References and how to create a parent-child workflow.

SmartForms: Intermediate Skills

  • Graduate to the next level of expertise with SmartForms in this module. You will deep dive into Controls, SmartForms Parameters, and Enhanced Rules. This session will also cover how to build manual integration between forms and workflows as well as manual Views and forms and header/detail forms. You will also learn how to use Form Tabs and gauge your SmartForms performance.

K2 Management Site

  • Become a pro at managing your K2 workspace. This module will cover everything from managing your workflows, workflow schedules, and errors to administering roles, permissions and more.

Package and Deployment

  • This module will teach you how to create a K2 package, understand different variables, and check for any dependencies. We'll teach you how to deploy a package and resolve any conflicts post-deployment. You will also learn about versioning within K2 and how it might impact package and deployment.

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