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K2 Five Core

( Duration: 3 Days )

The K2 Five Core training course provides the fundamental knowledge required to work with K2, and covers the core components, functionality and use of K2 Five.



K2 Essentials

  • Learn more about K2 at a high level, focusing on the platform as a whole, why you would use K2 and how K2 is used by various roles in an organization. We will also briefly describe the elements of K2 applications.

K2 Apps

  • Learn how you can easily and quickly install or generate applications with the K2 Apps feature, how to configure and administer these apps, and how to customize them.

Introduction to the K2 Designer

  • Get a quick, high-level overview of the K2 Designer: what it is, how to launch it, what the category system is, and how to create a folder in the category system.

SmartObjects Fundamentals

  • Learn what a SmartObject is, including examples of SmartObjects and how they can be used, what K2 SmartBox is, and the basics of creating SmartObjects in K2 Designer.

SmartForms Fundamentals

  • Get introduced to SmartForms including the main components of SmartForms: views, forms, item views, list views, controls, rules, and dependency checking. Learn how to build views and forms in K2 Designer.

Workflow Fundamentals

  • Get a high-level introduction to K2 work flows, including how to build them with K2 Designer, some of the basic steps you can use in work flows, and the key differences between user tasks and system tasks. You will also learn how to use SmartObjects and SmartForms in workflows.

Using K2 Applications

  • Learn how end users can interact with K2 and with applications built with K2.

Reporting Fundamentals

  • Understand reporting in K2 at a high level, including the role-based reporting model used in K2. The module shows examples of each of the available reports, explains when and how users employ them, and what kinds of data they contain.

Administration Fundamentals

  • Learn how to use the K2 Management site to perform common administration tasks such as configuring permissions, managing work flows and workflow instances, managing users and workflow tasks, and managing SmartObjects.

SmartObjects - Intermediate

  • Learn SmartObject terminology in deeper detail and how to use SmartObjects to integrate your K2 applications with external systems. This module also discusses SmartObject associations and composite SmartObjects.

SmartForms - Intermediate

  • Learn some more advanced SmartForms concepts and techniques, such as configuring cascading drop-down lists and validation in forms. This module also discusses styling, tabbed forms, list views, header-detail forms, and exposing forms to users.

Workflows - Intermediate

  • Dive a little deeper into more complex work flow components and techniques, such as reminders and deadlines, voting scenarios, rework workflows, parallel workflows, how to customize emails and use components like the Context Browser.

Reporting - Intermediate

  • Focus on basic custom reporting in K2, such as using the reporting controls in K2 designer to build custom reports using SmartForms. This module also describes how to use third-party tools like Excel to build custom reports by leveraging the OData data source.

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