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Flowable BPM

( Duration: 4 Days )

This Flowable BPM training course covers the information about the construction of BPMN 2.0 along with some customization of extents and events generations that makes the development of the Application more frequent and responsive. Various command-line Applications are easily handled with respect to creating BPM on a large scale platforms easily. This course provides the configuration details with the aim for creating and deploying Flowable Applications in real time.

By attending Flowable BPM workshop, delegates will learn:

  • Collection of Services that exposes APIs for Managing and Executing Business Applications
  • Advanced details on Integration of Activiti with Flowable



Introduction to Flowable


Basics of BPMN 2.0

  • Introducing BPMN
  • Working with Process
  • Simple Example

Constructing BPMN 2.0

  • Defining Custom Extensions
  • Working with Events
  • Introducing Timer Event Definitions
  • Introducing Signal Event Definitions
  • Introducing Message Event Definitions

Working with Command-Line Applications

  • Process Engine Introduction
  • Process Definition Deployment
  • Process Instantiation
  • Transactionality
  • Task Completion and Querying Tasks Concepts
  • Working with JavaDelegate
  • Historical Datas

Configuring Flowable

  • Creation of Process Engine
  • ProcessEngineConfiguration Concepts
  • Configuring Database for Flowable
  • Working with JNDI DataSource Configuration
  • Introducing Job Executor
  • Activation of Job Executor
  • Configuring Mail Server
  • Scripts and Expression concepts in Exposing Configuration
  • Mapped Diagnostic Context

Introducing Flowable REST APIs

  • Managing REST Application
  • Process Deployment Definition
  • Starting Process Instantiation
  • Task Completion Concepts

Working with Flowable API

  • Introducing Process API and Services
  • Working with Exception
  • API Query Concept in Detail
  • Understanding Variables and Transient Variables
  • Introduction to expressions in Flowable
  • Concept of Unit Testing
  • Integration of Process Engine in Web Application

Concepts of JPA in Flowable

  • Basic Requirements for JPA
  • Configuring JPA
  • Uses of JPA

REST APIs Concept in Flowable

  • Installing and Authenticating REST APIs
  • Deployment and Process Definition Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts of REST APIs in Flowable

Integration of CDI into Flowable


Integration of LDAP with Flowable


Working with History in Flowable

  • History Querying Concepts
  • Concept of History Configuration
  • Audit Purpose History

Advanced Details on Flowable

  • Working with Async Executor
  • UUID ID Generation for High Concurrency
  • Advanced Process Engine Configuration
  • Using Advanced Query API
  • Working with Custom Identity Management

Integration of Spring Framework

  • Working with ProcessEngineFactoryBean
  • Concepts of Transactions and Expressions
  • Deployment for Automatic Resource
  • Spring Boot Introduction

Deployment Strategies

  • Deployment Strategies by Programmatically
  • Concepts of External Resources
  • Process Definition Versioning
  • Forming a Process Diagram

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