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Business Process Design and Implementation

( Duration: 3 Days )

The Business Process Design and Implementation training course is meant for business managers or business analysts or for those who are in an organizational change role. This course will provide with key skills in mapping, understanding and designing business processes and explain how to use processes to strategically realign your organization. You will also learn to define roles and responsibilities based on processes and to use information systems and workflow to implement processes.

By attending Business Process Design and Implementation workshop, delegates will learn:

  • What business processes really are, how they relate to the customer and delivery of value and what drivers are used for process redesign
  • Breakthrough process design that moves organizations into a strategic realignment
  • Process governance needs and process roles and responsibilities
  • A toolset of process design methods, techniques and templates
  • The keys to successful process implementation
  • How business processes relate to information systems and workflow
  • What is beyond successful process design and implementation




  • Understanding what processes are and are not
  • Drivers towards process management
  • Process roles processes

Process and workflow basic tools

  • Key processes; processes; sub-processes; activities
  • Architectures; maps; diagrams/charts; templates
  • BPD & I process
  • Diagramming processes

‘AS IS’ process definition

  • Process life cycle
  • Value diagram
  • Define ‘AS IS’ process (case study)

Concepts Impacting Process Design

  • Process Innovation and Process Reengineering
  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Systems Thinking and Complexity Theory
  • Value Chain
  • SixSigma
  • Processes and computer systems; process automation; BPM
  • Critical Path Analysis

Process Design

  • Principles of Process Design
  • Dwell Times, Approvals, Sign-offs

Case Study automation strategies


Design ‘TO BE’ Process

  • Process Box
  • Design ‘TO BE’ Process in teams

Process Automation

  • Workflow automation
  • Straight-through automation; EAI BPM
  • System development

Process Implementation

  • Process Documentation
  • Process Testing
  • Roll-out

People and Organization, Change Management

  • Change Management
  • Organization
  • Process Owner and Manager

Process costing


Process Improvement


The future of processes

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